How To Get The Poop Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb

Wondering how you can get poop follower form, read this guide.

This game offers you several follower forms, some are easy to get while some are difficult. This particular form is not difficult but a little nasty. In this guide, you’ll find out how to get the poop follower form in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Unlock Poop Follower Form in Cult of the Lamb

Acquired Poop Follower Form
Image Credit: FuchsFeuer 22763 on YouTube

Cooking Bowl of Poop

To unlock the poop follower form you first have to gain poop followers, for that, you have to feed your followers a bowl of poop. How to cook:

  • Go to the outhouse and collect fertilizer, you are going to need 3 fertilizers per bowl.
  • Now go where you’ll cooking pot is and interact with the book beside it.
  • A window will open up showing all the recipes you can cook. Lamb can cook 12 meals at a time.
  • The window will also show how many bowls you can cook with present ingredients, suppose you see 5 then that means you can cook 5 meals of that dish.
  • Choose a “Bowl of poop“, it’s a one-star meal that looks like soil inside a bowl.
  • Card will appear on the right side of the screen, warning that there is a 50% chance of your followers becoming ill or having diarrhea, ignore it and cook the meal.

Feeding Your Followers

  • Now let your followers eat them by standing a little far away from the dishes.
  • Every time one of your followers eats poop, a notification will come on the left side of your screen.
  • You’ll need to feed 18-20 bowls of poop.
  • If possible eat one yourself, it will boost the process.

Once you have reached the stage of unlocking it. you’ll see poops flying out of the cooking pot when you try to cook a bowl of poop. And the notification will appear saying “Acquired Follower Form

This article was about how you can get poop followers from Cult of the Lamb. If you found this guide helpful checkout how to get crystal shards.