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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Crystal Shards

Looking for crystal shards, this article will help you.

Crystal Shards are needed for some missions as you progress in the game. And the first mission you’ll need it in is the “Refractions“. You need to have 25 Crystal Shards for completing this mission, it was given to you by Lighthouse Keeper. In this article, you’ll see how you can get Crystal Shards in Cult Of The Lamb.

How to Get Crystal Shards in Cult of the Lamb

  • Open your game and look for the star symbol on the ground.
  • As you set foot on the symbol you’ll see a travel option, ignore it.
  • In front of you, you will a rock arc, enter it.
  • Now you’ll see a dark area in front of you.
  • Enter it and look, you’ll see a half pillar, take a left from that pillar.
  • There you’ll see a stall , which is being operated by a colorful caterpillar.
  • Talk to him/her, its name is Rakshasa, then turn right.
  • Now you’ll see a gate, Anchordeep, click E to open the door.
  • You need to have at least 9 followers to access this area.
  • As you enter you’ll see two weapons, equip them by pressing E.
  • Now proceed to the need area of that dungeons.
  • It’s a big dungeon and you’ll need to defeat lots of enemies, those weapons you equipped will help you in killing them.

Crystal Shards In Cult Of The Lamb

  • Look for a blue Crystal, break it and acquire Crystal Shards.
  • You get 2 Crystal Shards after breaking every crystal.
  • In this area, you can also get Crystal Shards by defeating enemies and taking their chests.

Where is Lighthouse Keeper?

  • Open your game and look for a star symbol on the ground.
  • Now as you set foot on that symbol.
  • You’ll see a red sparkling light coming from it.
  • And Travel E option, select it, it would take you to a map.
  • In front of your cult you’ll see an area to choose it, it’s near shore.
  • Now you are accessing the area name “Pilgrim Passage“.
  • On the left side you’ll see a lighthouse.
  • Enter it, and you’ll see a pink little guy in front of you, it’s Lighthouse Keeper.

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