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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Bury Body

Your followers have died and you don't know what to do? this guide will help you.

Cult of the Lamb is a cult-building game, where you’ll be able to gain followers, but since your cult consists of living beings, it is natural for them to die due to old age as well because of getting sacrificed and falling sick. Since you cannot leave their dead body idle as it can make others sick. You have mainly two options, first, resurrect it and second bury them. In such cases, you are going to need to know, how you can bury the body in the Cult of the Lamb.

How to Bury Dead Body in Cult of the Lamb

Body Pit In The Cult Of The Lamb
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  • Open your game, and approach the body of a follower you want to bury. Once you reach near him or her you’ll see the “Prepare for Burial” option on your screen. Click on that option. Body will get wrapped in bandages.
  • Build a Body Pit.
  • For doing that go into Divine Inscription and Click on the “Body Pit” button.
  • Now you are going to need 1 Divine Inspiration for building it.
  • For Divine Inscription first approach your follower.
  • Then select Worship on the menu that is popping into their head.
  • Followers will go near the statue and worship.
  • After they have finished Worshipping you’ll receive a divine inscription.
  • Now use it for buying body pit.
  • Once you have prepared a body pit and wrapped your dead follower take him/her near the body pit.
  • As you get near that grave you’ll see the “Bury Body” option.
  • Select it, and your follower will get his peace.
  • Conduct a funeral if you have unlocked it. It will give 20+ faith points.

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