Tower Of Fantasy: Can You Play Solo (Explained)

Is it very difficult to defeat bosses alone in the game?

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG. While most players enjoy playing the game with friends, there are a few that want to know if it is possible to play the game solo. We will get into the details of whether it is possible to play solo in Tower of Fantasy. So, let’s get into it without wasting any more time.

Is It Possible To Play Tower Of Fantasy Solo?


To answer the question quickly, it is possible to play Solo in Tower of Fantasy. Players can just opt for the solo mode and go through the bosses alone. Players must know that the main story or campaign mode in Tower of Fantasy can only be played solo. Players cannot count on the help of their friends for such missions.

However, some of the bosses are quite tough and players will have an easier time defeating them when playing with friends. Once players have gone through the game’s prologue and the beginning quests, they will start encountering other players in Tower Of Fantasy. Players can choose to add their friends or players from across the world to their friend list to get help defeating difficult opponents in the game.

Aida is a massive open world and having some friends along to explore it will make the experience more enjoyable. It is quite easy to add friends and start playing the game. Players only need to click on a player they would like to add to their Friend List. After clicking, players will receive multiple options including “Add Friend”.  Click this will add that particular player to the friend list. By adding friends, players can go on co-op missions and take on higher difficulty bosses.

That is all there is to know about playing solo in Tower Of Fantasy. For more gaming guides, check out Tower Of Fantasy Sobek Location: Where To Find World Boss?