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Tower Of Fantasy Sobek Location: Where To Find World Boss

Confused about the location of Sobek, this guide will help you.

Sobek is a world boss beast of level 40, whose half body is cyberized and it has canon attached to it. World bosses locations can be seen on the map but it is comparatively harder to defeat them. In this article, we’ll talk about one such beast, Sobek and what is its location in the Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find Sobek in Tower of Fantasy (Location Guide)

Follow these steps to find location of Sobek:

  • Open your game and press the M key from your keyboard to Map.
  • You can also open Map by going in the upper left corner and selecting a circle.

Crown Mines In Tower Of Fantasy

  • Now on that map look for a location name Crown Mines which is on the right of Astra.
  • You need to conquer Astra for seeing the location.
Sobek In Tower Of Fantasy
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube
  • Look for the Goldrush Mountain or Tap on the shores exact opposite Area 4.
  • Get down at the location you’ll find yourself on a mountain.
  • Go down the rocks to reach Fiendish Swamp.
  • You’ll see Sobek, he looks like a crocodile and dragon abomination.

Things to Keep in Mind

Its special moves are Underground Air Strike and Burrow Attack. It can ambush targets with a metal turret too. Make sure that you are fully geared, it is a Volt-type beast so volt weapons are quite useless in front of it.

Because of its canons, he can strike with fatal attacks so you need to be continuously on the move while attacking it. Make sure that you don’t get very near to it since he can use Head Charge and Thundering Claw Strike. It is better to fight it with a group if you are even around level 35.

ToF Sobek Boss Drops & Rewards

You get several items for defeating Sobek such as Sobek: Matrix, Cybernetic Arm, Random R Matrix chip, Weapon Battery III, Matrix data pack III, Crow: Matrix, Random SSR Weapons like Icewind Arrow, Scythe of the Crow and Thunderblades.

Hope this walkthrough helped you to find the location of Sobek in the Tower of Fantasy, if you did then check out how to get dust wheeler vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.