How To Play Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight (DBD)

It can seem complex to play Pyramid Head in DBD. But don't worry, we've got your back.

Pyramid Head AKA The Executioner is considered to be the strongest, and the cruelest villain in Dead By Daylight (DBD). For the beginner, he can be easy to use, but most players have no idea what wonders he can do. Although, in the right hands he is unstoppable. However, his powers are dangerous only when used properly. If you’re a newbie and struggling with taking control of the Pyramid Head, here are some tips for you that you can keep in mind.

How to Play as Pyramid Head in DBD?

play pyramid head dbd

It can be easy to play the Pyramid Head, but utilizing his full potential can seem a bit tricky. But don’t worry we’ve made it easier for you to understand. Here’s how you can play Pyramid Head in Dead By Daylight (DBD) easily.

Use your Knife Skills

A huge amount of damage you can do to the Survivors is by using his great knife. As we all know, he is a melee-focused character and carries a huge knife with himself. Pyramid Head AKA The Executioner is a pretty good killer and easy to use for beginners. As the knife is pretty huge, it makes it difficult for the Survivor to dodge hits in smaller areas. Just try to not miss your swings, and land as many smaller or bigger hits as you can. In case you do miss, then too, there’s nothing to worry about because the cooldown between swings is pretty quick.

Don’t Miss your Swings

His knife doesn’t swing as far as you think. The basic rookie mistake players do, is that they try to swing the Pyramid Heads knife from a bit far and they miss. As the knife looks huge but only covers the same distance as the other killer’s weapons do. So don’t misjudge his huge knife, and take a swing from an accurate distance. On the bright side, the huge knife also intimidates the Survivors, which may lead them to make some silly mistakes.

Group Punishment

The Punishment of the Damned ability is only effective when timed right. With this ability, the killer can kill a large group of Survivors in one shot. You can trigger this by pressing the attack button, while the Rites of Judgment are active. If you press the button at the right time, it releases a huge wave of force. This force can damage whatever comes in his path within the range of 8 meters. It recharges in just two and a half seconds which makes it easy for you to use it pretty often.

Torment Trails

When the Rites of Judgment is active, Pyramid Head gets a special ability to leave Torment Trails. In order to get through these Torment Trails, the Survivors have to crouch, and by doing that, it reduces their speed. These Trails tend to decay in 75 seconds and can’t be placed beside certain props. But it helps the killer by blocking the large areas of the map.

Cage of Atonement

Along with the other perks and abilities, Pyramid Head has its Cage. Cage of Atonement is a barbaric-looking rusted cage and functions the same as the Hook Trials. As a bonus, it restricts the Survivors to use their perks which require the Hook interaction. So yes, it can make the match more difficult for the Survivors.

Use lockdown add-ons

There are many types of Lockdown add-ons that you can use. When you are playing as the Pyramid Head your focus should be on locking down the arears. By doing that the Survivors will have fewer options of fleeing away in a chase.

Don’t Hide

As the Pyramid Head aka The Executioner, is known for its dangerous powers and speed, you should make good use of it. Instead of hiding and waiting for an ambush, you can just get out there and slice up the Survivors. Hiding and waiting for an ambush will only waste your time and eventually, you’ll lose. Rather than that, you can just leave the Torment Trails behind you wherever you go and make it difficult for the Survivors.

This is all you need to know about how to play Pyramid Head in Dead By Daylight (DBD). Just keep these things in mind and you’ll be able to play the Executioner very easily. If you want to know more about Dead By Daylight and its Status Effects, we’ve got you covered.