Best Planes To Use In War Thunder (November 2022)

Some planes are definitely better than others in tight corners

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. There are a lot of different planes that players can take to the skies with, in the game.  However, if you want to know which planes are the best to use in War Thunder, we have got you covered.

In today’s articles, we will discuss the best planes in the game from the vast number available.

The Best Planes In War Thunder


While the best planes are useless in the hands of an inexperienced player, there are some planes that perform better than others in the game. Of course, players will need to spend some trying to understand the mechanics of the plane before they can be used to their full potential. That being said, here are the best planes players can pick in War Thunder.

5. AH-1Z

Image via War Thunder

Some players may be surprised to find a helicopter on this list. However, the AH-1Z has many merits that make it one of the best planes in War Thunder. It happens to be  one of the fastest helicopters in the game, picking up to a maximum speed of 411 km/hr. In addition, it has a selection of ammunition that can be deadly at mid-range. This helicopter shoots 750 rounds per minute.

If this isn’t enough to change your mind, there is more. This plane can reach an altitude of 6 kilometers. This puts it out of range of most gunfire. Players might have issues with the handling of the plane at first but it is nothing that experience can’t fix.

4. Yak-3P

Image via War Thunder Wiki

Yak-3P is a great plane for dealing damage. Players that want a bit of challenge but still want a plane that can rip opposition to shreds will love the Yak-3P. Its machine guns can flatten competition while its high acceleration can jet you out of tight corners. However, this plane falls a little flat in the durability department. Players should try to avoid taking hits while in this plane as it can wear down pretty quickly.

3. Spitfire F MK 24

Image via War Thunder Wiki

This plane is about speed and acceleration. It carries 650 rounds and can shoot 600 rounds per minute. In addition, this plane can pick up altitude and players can use the plane’s powerful engine to surprise their opponents. However, players will have to maintain a steady pace to stay ahead of their opponents. Otherwise, players will be stuck facing off planes with higher firepower.

2. G.56

Image via War Thunder Wiki

This frame has a light frame and a powerful engine making it one of the best planes in War Thunder. Players can use its excellent maneuverability to turn the tide in any battle. It also has a decent ammo range with 800 round capacity that players can shoot at 700 rounds per minute. However, repairing this plane post-battle can be a massive expense. So, players might want to avoid extensive damage.

1. F-4C Phantom II

Image via War Thunder

This jet fighter plane has it all. The speed, the power, and the damage capability to take down mighty opponents. Players can rule the skies in War Thunder with this plane in their arsenal. It boasts of a max speed of 2,288 km/h. This means that the F-4C Phantom II can leave pretty much all its competition in the dust. Not just that, this plane has a max altitude of 16 kilometers which means that players can zoom up to escape fire or divebomb opponents. This brings us to another great feature about the game. Players can equip it with guns or bombs as they choose.

The only area where this aircraft falls short is flexibility. This aircraft is bulkier than most planes and can be quite slow in its turn rate. Often opponents can use this to target the plane. Players must keep moving and avoid being shepherded in.

These are some of the best planes to use in War Thunder. For more WT guides, check out How To Fix The War Thunder Connection Error 80130182?