How To Fix The War Thunder Connection Error 80130182?

Here's how you can address the War Thunder Connection error.

War Thunder is a multiplayer online game with a unique take on the shooting combat genre. Which you are probably well aware of because you appear to enjoy its vehicular combat style, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be looking for a solution to War Thunder server connection error or incompatible server version issues?

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I understand how frustrating it is when you enjoy a game and it abruptly stops responding or gives you difficulties, resulting in a terrible experience. But don’t worry, with the solutions provided below, you’ll be able to resolve the problem in no time.

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War Thunder Server Connection Error/Incompatible Version

The server failure you encountered must have been an 80130182 error or something similar, all of which suggests that the game’s server is down. Many gamers have reported the issue, and you may fix it yourself using the following hotfixes until the developers address it. But to be honest, the server is not responding for good as you can see from the below Tweet.

However, before you do so, try signing in to the Gaijin Net Store with your War Thunder account information. Only if you are unable to sign in should you proceed.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Windows always adopt the by default settings of Internet Explorer As a result, it is possible that it restricts access to the authorization server. Hence, try resetting the Internet Explorer settings. Then try to log in to the game. If the issue continues, proceed to the next step.


The War Thunder server connection error might be caused by a firewall antivirus. Check to see whether this is true and if so, include War Thunder to the antivirus exception list. After that, try logging in again, and if still there’s no success, move on to the next remedy.

Flush DNS

It is likely for such difficulties to occur if the command line is not given administrator access. To run the command line as an administrator, complete the instructions below in the order listed.

  • Right click on the start > Run > type “cmd” > OK
  • Tyoe ipconfig/flushdns
  • Next, go to C: \ Documents and Settings \ username>” line, press <Enter>
  • DNS cache will be cleared.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Open the game, log in and if failed again then resort to the last alternative.


Do you happen to use NSET NOD32? Then follow the instruction below.

  • Launch ESET Smart Security.
  • Press the F5 key.
  • An Advanced Setup window will appear.
  • Go to Web and email > Protocol filtering > Included applications.
  • Right tick the “\games\WarThunder\launcher.exe” and “\games\WarThunder\aces.exe”
  • Click “Ok”.
  • Launch the game.

That’s it to the War Thunder server connection error. I hope you found the ultimate fix. You may keep coming back for any updates from the devs.