Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat – Step By Step Guide

Here’s how to fix or start Outriders Crossplay Voice chat functionality to connect with other online players

I’m sure you can’t wait to try Outriders, the new co-op RPG, do you? With the release of the full game now, many players have started exploring the game only to come across Outriders crossplay voice chat not working functioning issue.

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If this is the case for you then luckily we have some workarounds explained in this guide that will solve your Outriders crossplay voice chat glitch. Besides this article is also a guide for how to use crossplay voice chat for the players who are having trouble turning it on. Let’s get started.

How To Use Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

Outriders crossplay voice chat is a fantastic feature that helps you to communicate with other players on different platforms. Since in-game voice chat is necessary for devising winning strategies with teammates, it can be annoying when it doesn’t seem to work or contains any glitch or error. This turns the odds of your victory against you.

Fortunately, we know how to tackle both your concerns with one ultimate solution. Here’s how to fix or use the crossplay voice chat feature to increase your chances of defeating your enemies.

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Before presenting you with the solution here’s the bad news, in-game crossplay voice chat is open or accessible only to PlayStation console users and Xbox console users. This means the features aren’t useful when it comes to a clan of players using PC, PlayStation, Xbox & Google Stadia. To simply state any group with PC or Google stadia players won’t be able to interact and plan via in-game crossplay voice chat.

However there’s a catch here, you can still avail of the crossplay voice chat option for all platforms with the use of third-party websites like Discord or Skype or simply hope for the developers to make it available for all the platforms in near future.

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Finally, to turn on the most useful feature of this multiplayer title simply enable the Outriders crossplay voice chat option making sure default settings are intact. Yes, it is that simple, and still, if you encounter any issues like voice chat stuck or the game not launching then click here.

That is how you activate the Outriders crossplay voice chat features to connect with your friends online.