Does Outriders Have PVP Multiplayer Mode Or Not?

Will Outriders feature PVP? - This article will answer all player's queries like Does Outriders Have PVP Multiplayer Or Not?

OUTRIDERS is a 1-3 player co-op RPG shooter video game and was developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. Players have been continuously wondering and asking queries like Does Outriders Have PVP Multiplayer Or Not? or Will Outriders feature PVP? The answer is quite simple since the developers themselves are adamant to focus on the PVE concept of the game.

People Can Fly seems to be quite clear of the object they are trying to fulfill in Outriders. In the latest issue of Game Informer, People Can Fly talked in detail about this. Here one of the Outriders designers Łukasz Osiński said “Here, we can say this would be OP in a competitive PVP environment, but let’s just go with it because it’s fun and looks amazing and we can just go all the way with it,”.

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He also added, “I think this is one of the best parts of Outriders, is that you can enjoy it with your friends and everyone is going to have the feeling that their class is the most powerful. Why not. Go ahead.” Not only this Game Director Bartosz Kmita also said, “We’re trying to build a comp for the skills not only for yourself but with the other people that you’re playing with to somehow compliment them to make it where everyone has a role,”.

Does Outriders Have PVP Multiplayer Mode Or Not

Bartosz Kmita also continued saying “But, it’s super important for me, we’re not forcing people to play like there is a guy who is a support, or there is a tank and there is a healer. We don’t want this. If people want to play the three DPS guys, go. If you want to play three distance guys, you can. Some strategies will be better, some will be not so cool, but we’re not forcing anyone from a gameplay perspective that you have to play this way.”

Not only this Square Enix Games on their official website has answered the query saying, “The question of PvP is asked a lot, but right from the earliest concept, Outriders has been designed as a PvE game. We’re committed to making the best single-player and Co-op RPG shooter out there”.

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This makes it quite clear that the game will not be seeing a PVP mode anytime soon. Reddit users have also been debating if the game will soon see a PVP mode or not. So far all forums have been strongly supporting the concept that the developers of the game are trying to deliver. One thing is for sure that the game will definitely be a hit with or without the PVP mode.