Ode To Heroes Tier List (August 2022) – Best Heroes In The Game

Below you will find the Ode To Heroes tier list 2022.

Ode To Heroes, the RPG idle, is a nice mix of interactive graphics, melodious music, Arena elements, auto-battles, and more rich content to explore and experience. The game features over 200 heroes from various factions, each with unique skill-sets. This makes it difficult to identify which heroes would be worthwhile in fighting off the battles in the game as well as allows you to lead him through the game’s adventure. Worry no longer, because the Ode To Heroes tier list 2021 provided below will make sure that you choose only the best hero.


Ode To Heroes Tier List – August 2022

Now starts the faction-wise full Ode To Heroes tier list 2021. But before that, you must know the star-rank system.

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  • 5 Star Heroes – Give these heroes your full attention
  • 4 Star Heroes – These heroes are valuable and can be upgraded to 5 stars
  • 3 Star Heroes – Only use these heroes to help a 4-star hero level up to a 5-star hero
  • 2 Star Heroes – Ignore
  • 1 Star Heroes – Again, ignore

Water Heroes

Hero Star Class Abilities 
Mo Ye 5 Specialist Hard Counters – Assassin
Li Bai 5 Assassin Hard Counters – Scholar
Wu Zetian 5 Emperor Counters – Blocks
Hongfu 5 Assassin Soft Counters – Specialists
Zhen Fu 5 Priest Burst DPF, CC-ACC Buff,BLK Buff & Row Target Normal Attack
Liu Xiu 4 Emperor
Li Jing 4 Emperor
Yuan Mingyue 4 Priest
Wang Yue 4 Assassin
Yu Xuanji 4 Specialist
Jiang Xiaobai 4 Emperor



Hero Star Class Abilities 
Zhong Wuyan 5 Specialist Best AOE DPS, Tanky, Resists CC
Zuo Ci 5 Specialist Best if used with Cao Cao for Attack buff in targets
Zhang Liang 5 Scholar S+ when death passive triggers
Cao Cao 5 Emperor Counter Mo Ye & Mo Zi as a sitting duck in the 1st slot
Wang Zhaoiun 5 Priest Door Of Evil Healer, 3=1
Yang Yuhuan 5 Priest Best speed red jade in slow units
Ou Yexi 4 Specialist
Xu Fu 4 Specialist
Fan Li 4 Scholar
Pei Min 4 Assassin
Bazi 4 Emperor
Zhou Wenjun 4 Scholar



Hero Star Class Abilities 
Nie Zheng 5 Assassin S when death passive triggers
Gan Jiang 5 Specialist Stronger with duplicate teams
Lu Bu 5 Emperor Best for Guild Trial
Huang Yueying 5 Scholar Best for suicide teams
Guan Yu 5 Emperor Best in Heaven’s Gate
Zhuge Liang 5 Scholar When fixed, marks together from duplicate stacks
Lu Buwei 4 Scholar
Gao Changgong 4 Emperor
Gongsun 4 Assassin
Sun Quan 4 Emperor
Guan Zhong 4 Scholar
Li Zi 4 Priest


Hero Star Class Abilities 
Da Qiao 5 Priest Best healing support
Cai Yan 5 Scholar Counters – Assassin (More than 9 stars)
Xiao Qiao 5 Priest Synergies with Emperors & Priests
Jing Ke 5 Assassin Good DPS when max Critical damage
Zhou Yu 5 Emperor Best stats, Synergies with Lu Bu & Da Qiao
Guiguzi 5 Specialist S when death passive triggers
Wei Wuji 4 Emperor
Wende 4 Priest
KongKonger 4 Assassin
Wei Zifu 4 Priest
Yue Yi 4 Emperor
Zhang Daoling 4 Specialist


Hero Star Class Abilities 
Damo 5 Specialist Best PVP heroes against Crowd Control teams
Xiang Yu 5 Emperor Best when used with Damo for CRIT buff
Xi Shi 5 Priest Door of Evil Healer, 3=1
Su Qin 4 Scholar
Liu bei 4 Emperor
Yu Miaoyi 4 Priest


Hero Star Class Abilities 
Nie Yinniang 5 Assassin Best PVP heroes for Boss battles
Mozi 5 Scholar Fastest CC
Diaochan 5 Priest Door of Evil Healer, 3=1
Bao Si 4 Priest
Sima Yi 4 Scholar
Wan’er 4 Scholar

Oder To Heroes – Best Heroes

  • Overall – Nie Zheng
  • PvP Healer – Diaochan
  • Best Tank – Cao Cao
  • Best PvP – PvE Support – Xiao Qiao
  • PvE Healer – Da Qiao
  • Best PvE DPS – Nie Yinniang

That’s the ultimate Ode To Heroes tier list 2022. For more tier list click here.


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