How To Find A Hidden Note In Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Here is how to find a hidden note in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun game where players have to unlock various cookies with skills and abilities and expand their kingdom. It is an adventurous game full of events, game modes, and fun that anyone will fall for. The game has recently introduced an event called Springtime Bingo Event that has several tasks for the players. Find a Note is one of the many challenges in the Springtime Bingo event in Cookie Run: Kingdome.

If you are looking to complete this challenge then here is a complete guide for you. So scroll down and find out how to get the hidden note in Cookie Run: Kingdom.


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How To Get A Note in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Note In Cookie Run: Kingdom


Springtime Bingo is a new event launched in Cookie Run: Kingdom that is going to run till the end of this month. The event needs the daily participation of the player and has to get the bingo to earn rewards in the game. There are a total of 20 bingo cards that players have to get right in order to get the gifts.

Find the note is one of 20 challenges in the Springtime Bingo event where you have to get the pattern right by placing and moving 12 Blossom stamps on the board. To place one stamp you will require 10 Blossom Stamps and move them you will need 5 of them. Hence before you start this challenge of finding a music note make sure your account has more than 120 Blossom Stamps.

Place and move the stamps and get the pattern matching with the card on the right side of your screen to complete the challenge: Find the Note. Participate in the event daily and get all the 20 bingo cards to get diamonds and many more gifts.


This is everything you need to know about how to get the hidden note in Cookie Run: Kingdom.