MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial Glitch: How To Complete (2022)

Here's how to fix the bug in MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighting game from Warner Bros. While the game looks to be quite fun, it is still figuring out a few hurdles. The MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial is one such glitch that is bugging the players quite a lot. However, there is a way to get around the error.

In this guide, we will explain how players can complete this tutorial stage despite the bug.

How To Complete MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial?


When players get started with the game, they will need to complete a few tutorial stages before getting to the main game. These are designed to familiarize players with the mechanics of the game. While the basic tutorials for the game work without any issues, players seem to run into a glitch when trying to complete the MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial. The purpose of this tutorial is to instruct players on how they can avoid being knocked out.

During the second half of the tutorial, players run into trouble as following the instructions given by the game does not seem to do anything. However, players have figured out a way to get around this issue. Below we have mentioned fixes for Console as well as PC players.

Console Fix

If players are using a Console device, they can hold the down and left buttons while pressing the Xbox or PlayStation button. This will bring up the menu. Now, players must return to the game. Repeating this procedure twice should complete the tutorial for players.

PC Fix

PC players will have to be quick to complete the MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial successfully. Players will need to hold the down button and quickly tap the left button at the same time after being hit. This will take players a few tries to get right. However, the tutorial will be complete once they hit the combo correctly.

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