Monster Legends: How To Get Food

Find out the best way to get more food in the game.

Monster Legends is a mobile game where players must breed and train monsters to face other Monster Masters. There are monsters of different elements and rarities available in the game. However, before players start to battle opponents, they will need to level up their monsters. Food is a resource in Monster Legends that can be fed to monsters to level them up faster. However, often players run out of food fast especially early to mid game.

In this guide, we will explain how players can maintain a steady supply of food through the game.

How To Get Food In Monster Legends?


Apart from feeding monsters, Food can also be used to upgrade specific buildings like habitats. Players can also use food to upgrade relics. By now players must have got an idea that food is a pretty important resource in Monster Legends. So, how can players produce it fast and without using up all their Gold or Gems? There are three ways to get food in Monster Legends and we have explained each one of them below.


The only method of getting food that players can actively control is farming. Players will need to decide what to grow without squandering all their Gold on farming. For example, growing the Black Lotus Root will give a lot of food to players. However, it will also run through the Gold supply pretty quickly. So, unless players have an unlimited supply of Gold (or money to purchase it), they might want to try cheaper options.

The Rainbow Snow peas are a great option to maintain a good balance between the Food and Gold resources. In addition, players should keep upgrading their farms to grow higher food items.


Players can also get food as a reward for completing levels on the Adventure Map or as a reward during events in the game. However, these are not a sustainable source of getting food. Players will still have to get farming if they want to have enough food to feed and level up their monsters.


Players can also purchase food with gems if they are in a pinch. However, gems are a rare commodity in the game and players should avoid using them on food as there are alternative ways to get it.

This is everything players need to know about getting food in Monster Legends. For similar content, check out Monster Legends: How To Get Gold Fast?