Monster Legends: How To Get Gold Fast

Here's how players can mine for Gold fast in the game.

Monster Legends is a game where players can pick from over 700 monsters to breed, train, and battle. If players want to progress faster through the game, they will need resources like Gold. This guide will explain how players can get Gold faster in Monster Legends.

How To Get Gold In Monster Legends?


While there are multiple ways to get Gold in Monster Legends, players would want to look at options that can give major payouts in a limited amount of time. Keeping this in mind, we have listed the most efficient methods to earn Gold in the game.

Pandaken Farm

This is one of the best methods to farm Gold in the game. Players can breed a Firesaur and Treezard for a 50% chance of breeding a Pandaken. The breeding only takes 30 seconds so players can do this repeatedly. Pandaken farming will give a GPM of 154 when the Pandakens are at level 40. Players should set them up in a Nature Habitat as this provides more income.

Legendary Farm

This method is slightly more complicated than the Pandaken Farm. However, it also offers a better payout for players. Players will have to be patient to utilize this method to its fullest. The Legendary monsters that players will breed for Gold here will take over 2 days to breed and then 2 days to hatch. So, it can prove to be a little bit of a waiting game.

However, the Gold holding capacity of a Legendary habitat far exceeds that of a normal one. So while players will have to wait a little to get the Gold, they will not be at the risk of losing it because the storage limit has been reached.

These are two of the best methods to farm Gold fast in Monster Legends. For more Monster Legends content, check out Monster Legends: How To Breed Tartarus?