DBZ Dokkan Battle: How To Get Dragon Stones Fast

Here's how players can get the Dragon Stone fast in the game.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Ball anime franchise. Players will need to build up their characters and strategize their moves to succeed in this game. There are several items that can help players progress through the game faster. These include Dragon Stones that can help players Multi-summon rare characters in DBZ Dokkan Battle.

We have put together a list of methods that can help players get the Dragon Stones fast.

What Is The Best Way To Get Dragon Stones In DBZ Dokkan Battle?


Players will be given a number of Dragon Stones when they start the game. Though it might be tempting to spend these stones to revive characters in battle, players might want to save them to summon rare characters. Dragon Stones are a rare currency in the game and the chances to win them are few and far in between.

We have listed all the ways players can get the Dragon Stones in DBZ Dokkan Battle below.


Events like Boss rush and other Dokkan events can give out Dragon Stones or Dragon Ore as rewards. Players will need to spend a lot of time completing events to get the rewards.

Extreme Z Battles

Players can also participate in Extreme Z battles to get Dragon Stones. As long as players can win a handful of matches, they will get a decent amount of Dragon Stones as a reward.


Lastly, it is also possible to purchase the Dragon Stones from the Shop. However, players might not want to spend real money in the game, in which case, they can stick with the methods mentioned above.

These are all the ways to get Dragon Stones fast. For related game guides, check our DBZ Dokkan Battle: How To Get Dragon Ore Guide.