Monster Legends: How To Use Cells

What is the use of Monster Cells in Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a game where players can collect, breed, and train their own monsters for battle. There are a number of items that can help players upgrade their monsters to the next level. The Monster Cells are pieces of monsters that can be used to craft or upgrade other monsters.

Players can discover different kinds of Monster Cells in the game. Let us take a detailed look at these items below.

What Are Monster Cells In Monster Legends?


Elemental cells can be used to replace the missing monster cells of any monster of a specific element. However, the Elemental Cells cannot be donated in Team Chat as they are quite valuable. While standard monster cells can only be applied to specific monsters, players can use the Elemental Cells on any monster belonging to that element.

If players want to use Elemental Cells to craft monsters that are not in their Monstagram, they will first need to obtain 80 Monster Cells For that specific monster. Players cannot use the Elemental Cells to craft Warmasters, Forsaken, Halloween Exclusive, or mythic monsters.

How To Use Monster Cells In Monster Legends?

It is not at all complicated to use the Monster Cells once players have collected them. However, players will need to collect 100 monster cells for a specific monster before they can craft a new egg for it.

Once players have collected the Monster Cells, they can place them in the crafting pod and create a new egg. Each crafting taking a specific amount of time after which the egg will be placed in the hatchery.

Players can use Elementium or Elemental Cells to replace the missing monster cells. As mentioned above though, players cannot craft Warmasters, Forsaken, and mythic monsters using the Elemental Cells.

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