Monster Hunter Rise: Okami Special Collab Event

Capcom just announced a MHR and Okami collab event in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's the date and how to get the Ammy armor for your palamute.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) was a big surprise this summer as many players did marathons to finish the game. The game got some updates as well but with the arrival of Monster hunter stories, the hype seemed to die down. Capcom just announced an Okami collab event for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) the hype is rising again. Let’s dig deeper and find out all about the Okami and Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) collab.

Monster Hunter Rise Okami Collab Event Release Date And Rewards

The MHR Okami collab event will be available for players on 30th July 2021. Players will be able to unlock a special edition Amaterasu armor for their Palamute. The armor will be free but players will have to complete the Okami event quests to get the Amaterasu armor.

The armor will transform your Palamute into Amaterasu from the 2006 Okami game. Players should know that the armor won’t give extra strength or change any attributes of your Palamute. Amaterasu armor will only change the palamute’s appearance.

Amaterasu was the main character of the 2006 hit Okami. It looked very similar to a palamaute which is why many fans speculated a collab like while some even believed that both the games were in the same universe.

An HD version of Okami was released on the Nintendo switch in 2018. Both the games are owned by Capcom the collab was just a matter of time. Capcom already did a Palico and MHR collab and this will be the second collab in the Capcom collab series. Capcom plans on releasing 3 more collabs of MHR and its properties with the 3rd collab being released in August and the 4th and 5th in September. This will make sure that players keep coming back to MHR at least for the next few months.

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