Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get Rare Eggs?

Rare eggs can get you the best monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Here's where to find and identify rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 follows the journey of a monster rider. Going around taming and hatching the best monsties and pitting them against the wild monsters. Getting the best monsties is an integral part of the game. Players can hatch monsties from eggs. The catch is to get the Rare eggs because the rarer the egg better the monsties. Here’s how to get Rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How To Get Rare Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories 2

rare eggs
While other eggs can be found in Monster Dens rare eggs can only be found in Rare Monster Dens. The Rare Monster Dens will be golden in color and have a certain shine to them when compared to the other Monster Dens.

Another way to identify the egg is its smell and weight. Eggs can be light, normal, and heavy and can smell normal, good, and amazing. The heavier and stinkier the egg is the better. When you pick up an egg your companion Navirou will say how heavy or smelly the egg is.

Another way to identify how good or rare the egg is by the glow around it. When you pick up an egg you’ll see a glow around it. While it seems like a detail in the look of the game it’s much more than that. If the glow around the egg is rainbow it means you have hit the jackpot and gotten one of the best eggs.

If you see a rainbow glow around it there might be a chance that the rare monstie you hatch might also have a rainbow gene. Monsties hatched from rare eggs have better genes and higher stats since the beginning and as you upgrade them they get better.

The first Rare Monster Den is in the Alcala region, which players will reach 3-4 hours into the game. Players should be careful when they enter a Monster Den to get the egg. You only have a small window before the Monster steps in and start’s chasing you.

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