How To Fix RTTS Progression Not Working In MLB The Show 21?

Here's how to resolve the RTTS progression not working problem in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 is a great sports video game, but since there is no such thing as perfection, it also has certain limitations. Recently, the Road To The Show game mode houses several issues and is giving players a hard time.

RTTS is the perfect style for your ballplayer to advance to the major leagues and literally go from rags to riches. As a result, it is important to resolve the problem as soon as possible. To tackle the RTTS progression not working glitch in MLB The Show 21, keep on reading till the end.

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MLB The Show 21: RTTS Progression Not Working

You must be investing in a lot of effort to advance through Archetypes Programs in the hopes of upgrading the ballplayer. You may have encountered a bug that affected the tracking along the way. This must-have resulted in you being stuck in RTTS program missions. Here are the steps to overcome the RTTS progression not working in MLB The Show 21.

  • Step 1: Through the main menu access the Diamon Dynasty game mode.
  • Step 2: Select Manage Squad & confirm the presence of your created ballplayer in the lineup.
  • Step 3: Select the card associated with your ballplayer’s primary position & choose a specific card from the new menu (only if your created ballplayer isn’t in the lineup).
  • Step 4: Move your created ballplayer to the lineup’s lead spot.
  • Step 5: Exit the Manage Squad.
  • Step 6: Go to the Play tab in Diamond Dynasty.
  • Step 7: Select Single Player Modes & Play VS CPU.
  • Step 8: Select a random team & click on Away in the Play As menu.
  • Step 9: Keep clicking the options till the end to start the game mode.

When the game begins, play using the created ballplayers. Your ballplayer must bat first, then pause and exit. Return to the RTTS game mode and begin a new game. When the game finishes, review your missions in View Program and see if the issue has been resolved.

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There is no other alternative but this will do the trick. It is worth noting that the developers’ San Diego Studios will fix the bug in a forthcoming update.

That’s it! You now understand the painful yet successful approach for overcoming the RTTS progression not working in MLB The Show 21.