MLB The Show 21: How To Dive For A Ball?

Here's a quick guide for you explaining how to dive for a ball in MLB The Show 21. Learn to jump & slide as well.

MLB The Show 21 is undoubtedly a fantastic treat for sports and video game lovers. This is because it features a variety of functionalities and game modes, providing the finest overall gameplay experience. However, though you will automatically dive into all non-competitive modes, you will have to do so manually for certain modes.

This guide is thus intended for those players who are clueless about how to dive for a ball in MLB The Show 21. Keep on reading if you are one such player wishing to up your game.

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MLB The Player 21: How To Dive, Jump & Slide

Unfortunately, there isn’t much room for practice in modes like Road The Show. So, you’ll be left thinking about some of the game mechanics early on. One such thing is moving the ballplayer, which, believe me, is very easy, but often players struggle to grasp and thus miss potential catches. Thus, to make your ride smoother here’s how to dive for a ball, jump & slide in MLB The Show 21.

Dive Manual

Making diving catches determines your fate in the game, whether you win or lose, or whether you throw a no-hitter or not. When the ball is hit and you are controlling a player, it is natural for make your player run in the direction of the ball. When the ball moves closer, simply press the right trigger on Xbox or R2 on PlayStation, and your player will dive instantly.

Jump Manual

Jumping is important for catching high-flying balls. To enable a jump press R1/RB & your ballplayer will begin to go in the same direction they were before the jump. Jumping also helps in home run steals, and if you prefer a defensive strategy, keep a close watch on the arrows shown on the outfield walls.

Slide Manual

Sliding in  MLB The Show 21 can be a bit tricky at first. However, once you get a hang on it there’s nothing to worry about. To slide, hold down the L1/LB buttons and your player will be guided towards the base. Then, pull the right analog stick up/down. Upwards for a runner to slide feet first or downwards for a runner to slide headfirst.

In MLB The Show 21, you now know how to dive for a ball, jump, and slide. After you’ve grasped these, it’s time to learn the stop check swing and more, which you can by clicking here.