What Is CFD Drain In MLB The Show 21?

Let's go over the CFD Drain in MLB The Show 21 on a deeper level.

Die-hard video gamers have every reason to be obsessed over the biggest Baseball game of all time. Many of the features in the MLB The Show are already familiar to them as they have played the previous installment in the series.

As a result, I’m guessing you’re new to the game because you’re looking for the meaning and role of CFD Drain in MLB The Show 21. No worries by the end of the article everything will be crystal clear to you.

CFD Drain In MLB The Show 21

As a new player, it is natural for anyone to be puzzled over some of the game’s complex and unclear elements & you are no exception. You may have seen odd stats labeled CFD Drain hovering over the pitchers while playing the game. It is generally referred to as a pitcher’s confidence stats.

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Depending on the pitcher’s performance, this confidence stat changes regularly throughout the game. It ultimately determines the progress of the player. As a result, it is important that it is maintained.

How Do It Influences Pitchers?

The stats have the power to mess with the pitcher’s throwing session. You are probably thinking how? Well here are the two instances that will give you a clear idea.

  • Things get more complicated for the pitcher when he throws at the catcher’s targets, and ends up getting fewer strikes and throwing more balls. This is the result of the confidence meter draining. Meter drains when the pitcher is performing poorly & the hitting team scores multiple hits & runs at once.
  • This is the second example where things are smoother for the pitcher. He quickly hits the catcher’s targets, particularly when throwing at the strike zone’s corners. This is an advantage of the confidence meter rising. When the pitcher does effectively well by throwing strikes and pulling together strikeouts, the meter increases.

It is therefore quite essential to maintain a stronger pitcher-team relationship to keep the CFD drain highest.

This is all on CFD Drain in MLB The Show 21. For more guides on the game click here.