How To Unlock The Scary Statue In MIR4?

Complete the small request to get the Sacry Statue in MIR4!

MIR4 is one of the most popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that has amazed the gaming world. The game has several classes and plenty of features that keep all the players glued to the game. Apart from that the game has many tasks, missions, and requests that players have to complete in order to get rewards and proceed further in the game. The Scary Statue is also one of such easy, simple requests in MIR4 that can be completed in a few minutes. You can find this request under the request tab and complete it by following the simple steps written in the guide below.

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How To Find The Scary Statue In MIR4?

Scary Statue In MIR4

Here are all the steps that will help you get the Scary Statue in MIR4:

1. Head to the request tab and click on Recluse valley from the left side list.
2. Here you will find a task called “Find a certain item called the Scary Statue”. Click on it to get started with it.
3. As soon as you will start the task you will get a small hint on your screen about the location of the Scary Statue.
4. Follow the lead and head towards the Bamboo forest.
5. Look for wooden dummies on your way and find the two wooden dummies placed adjacent to each other.
6. Once you find the adjacent dummies start climbing on the rocks behind it and reach the top of it.
7. Find a platform that has a glowing statue and go close it to get it.
8. Once you collect the Scary Statue the request will be completed and rewards will be deposited in your in-game bag!

This is everything you need to know about how to find the Scary Statue In MIR4. While you are here, click on the link and look for more such guides in MIR4.