MIR4: What Is Divine Dragon Blessing And How To Get It?

Looking for a way to get Divine Dragon Blessing in MIR4? Then here is a guide for you!

MIR4 is a free-to-play open-world MMORPG game played on both PC and mobile devices. The popular game just has completed its 100 days of launch and the developers have launched a special event for the same. The name of the event is Divine Dragon Descending! and it has started on 30th Nov 2021 and will be active till 20th December 2021.

The event is pretty simple and it has amazing gifts for players to offer every day. Divine Dragons Blessing is a special reward that players will receive on successful completion of the event.

Read further to know all the details about the event and ways to get Divine Dragons Blessing in MIR4.

How To Get Divine Dragons Blessing In MIR4?

Divine Dragon Blessing MIR4

The 100th Anniversary event in MIR4 is one of the simplest events in the game. It is an attendance event where players just have to log in to the game for 14 days straight and they will be awarded with Drogons Blessing in MIR4. For the rest of the 13 days, every player will get a gift box or a mystery box called the Joy Of Growth box that contains exciting gifts. Read further to see what these Joy of Growth boxes has to offer.

Rewards In Joy Of Growth Box

Divine Dragon Blessing MIR4

There are two types of boxes that players will receive during this 100th Day Anniversary Event and here is all you will get inside the box.

Happiness of Upgrade Gift Box-

  • Rare Enhancement Stone
  • Rare Advancement Cordial
  • Vigor Pill (30 Minutes)

Special Happiness of Upgrade Gift Box

  • Epic Advancement Draught
  • Rare Mystic Enhancement Stone
  • Vigor Pill (60 Minutes)

How To Use Divine Dragons Blessing In MIR4?

Divine Dragon Blessing MIR4

Once you attend the event for all 14 days and have opened all the joy Of Growth Boxes you will be rewarded with Divine Dragons Blessing in MIR4. Dragons Blessing Token gives second chance to all the players who failed the combination event during the launch of MIR4. So the event will be accessible to only those players who failed at their first attempt and not for all the players.

Once you get the ticket, select the items from Restoration Box carefully and hit the confirm button and it will be delivered in your in-game bag (inventory). Head to the bag from the main screen and do not miss this second chance to get the Divine Dragons Blessing in MIR4.

Here we come to the end of MIR4 Divine Dragon Blessing guide. For more guides on MIR4 stick around GamesAdda.in.