MIR4 HYDRA To PHP Today’s Exchange Rate/Chart (June 2022)

HYDRA is a refined version of the current MIR4 currency DRACO.

MIR4 is a great example of a game that uses blockchain technology and is also popular in the gaming community. It combines the autonomous decentralized economy with driven gameplay to give players a fantastic Play to Earn experience. However, some players are confused by the currencies in the game. While earlier Draco was the in-game currency for MIR4, HYDRA has recently made its way to the game. So, what is Hydra? What is the exchange rate for one MIR4 HYDRA to PHP? Find out all the answers with this article.


HYDRA is a refined version of the current MIR4 currency DRACO. Players can produce this currency by combining DRACO and Septaria. In order to use the HYDRA Refinery, players will have to link their Wemix Wallet with the game account. Further, players will need to approve the system to access their DRACO balance to proceed. To acquire Septaria rewards, players will need to complete the ‘Sanctuary of HYDRA’ conquest that becomes available to characters that have reached level 60. This conquest gives Septaria rewards once per day and the number of rewards goes up as the stage level increases.

Once players have acquired enough Septaria rewards, they can access the refinery and refine HYDRA. To do this, players must possess 20 DRACO as well as the total refining fee required. While there is no limit to the number of HYDRA players can refine per day, the refining costs increase with the progression of the Metamorphic Stage. Refined HYDRA will be deposited in the linked Wemix Wallet and can be used or traded through the DEX.

Now that you know what MIR4 HYDRA is, let us find out what today’s exchange rate for MIR4 HYDRA to PHP is.

MIR4 HYDRA To PHP Calculator: How Much Philippine Peso is 1 MIR4 HYDRA?

The value of MIR4 HYDRA is like any other cryptocurrency in the finance market. The live Hydra price for today is ₱430.81 PHP. The 24-hour trading volume for MIR4 HYDRA is ₱25,192,426 PHP. In the last 24 hours, the value of Hydra has gone up by 1.31%. Currently, the circulating supply of HYDRA is 3,858,584 coins. It has a live market cap of ₱1,662,321,408 PHP. HYDRA has steadily been going up by 15.06% in the last 30 days.

  • 1 HYDRA= ₱430.81

MIR4 HYDRA To PHP Price Chart – Last 7-Days

Date Open High Low Close Volume Market Cap
Jan 31, 2022 ₱422.27 ₱444.50 ₱421.80 ₱432.65 ₱25,270,228 ₱1,669,412,132
Jan 30, 2022 ₱405.90 ₱430.98 ₱404.72 ₱423.78 ₱18,496,523 ₱1,635,200,988
Jan 29, 2022 ₱364.69 ₱456.69 ₱362.89 ₱405.90 ₱57,249,010 ₱1,566,216,353
Jan 28, 2022 ₱368.39 ₱371.33 ₱358.11 ₱365.43 ₱11,020,892 ₱1,410,055,917
Jan 27, 2022 ₱358.43 ₱378.89 ₱356.87 ₱368.75 ₱18,147,381 ₱1,422,842,035
Jan 26, 2022 ₱345.79 ₱362.75 ₱344.96 ₱357.17 ₱22,695,772 ₱1,378,161,898
Jan 25, 2022 ₱343.17 ₱371.80 ₱332.02 ₱348.02 ₱44,493,060 ₱1,342,872,657


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