AXS To PHP Today’s Exchange Rate/Chart (January 2022)

What is 1 AXS in Philippine Peso? Calculate the value of Axies with AXS To PHP Calculator

Axie Infinity is a battling game that allows its players to collect, breed, battle, and trade token-based creatures called Axies. With over 500 different body parts in rotation, Axies are often highly unique. Each body type class has four rarities that include common, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. Players can breed these Axies to create unique offsprings of higher value. These Axies can be sold or traded in the Axie Marketplace.

As players win in the game, the experience earned can be used to level up an Axie or evolve their body parts. With this lucrative opportunity to earn money as they play, players are jumping on the chance to breed and trade their Axies. However, the one question on everyone’s mind is that how much is an Axie worth. Now, you can find out with the AXS to PHP Calculator.

AXS To PHP Calculator

AXS to PHP Calculator: How Much Philippine Peso is 1 AXS?

The value of Axies is highly variable due to a number of factors. The Axie infinity (AXS) reported an all-time price high at $21.55 on July 13 and outpaced high-priced coins, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at one point of time. While the price of AXS varies day-to-day, the AXS to PHP Calculator can give you a fairly accurate idea of the value of Axies. As per coinmarketcap, today’s conversion rate for AXS to PHP is 3,570.70.

  • 1 AXS= 3,570.70 PHP

This conversion rate has decreased -3.0% in the last 24 hours. To have a better idea of the value of Axie Infinity, let us take a look at the price of Axies for the last 7 days.

AXS to PHP Price Chart – Last 7-Days

Date Day of the week 1 AXS to PHP 24hr Changes Change %
January 11, 2022 Tuesday ₱3,570.70 -₱140.17 -3.8%
January 10, 2022 Monday ₱3,710.87 ₱89.98 2.5%
January 09, 2022 Sunday ₱3,620.88 -₱161.59 -4.3%
January 08, 2022 Saturday ₱3,782.47 -₱266.26 -6.6%
January 07, 2022 Friday ₱4,048.74 -₱81.58 -2.0%
January 06, 2022 Thursday ₱4,130.32 -₱632.22 -13.3%
January 05, 2022 Wednesday ₱4,762.53 -₱60.51 -1.3%


Q 1. What is AXS?

A 1. AXS is the governance token for the Axie Infinity game.

Q 2. What is the value of 1 AXS?

The value of AXS is not fixed. As of today, the value of 1 AXS is ₱3,570.70 PHP.

Q 3. Can AXS be converted to USD?

A 3. AXS can be converted to USD. Moreover, 1 AXS is worth $69.68.

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