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MIR4: How To Fix Authentication Token Failed Error?

Wondering how to Fix Authentication Token failed error in MIR4? Learn to solve that here.

If you’ve been playing for a long time, you may have faced the Authentication Token Failed error in MIR4. And those who haven’t yet faced this error should be prepared if it pops up. This error can be annoying at times to deal with but rest assured. In this guide, we have covered the solution to this issue. Read along further into this article to learn about what causes this error and how to get rid of it in the game.

How to Fix Authentication Token Failed Error in MIR4?

Authentication Token Failed Error in MIR4

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This error appears in the beginning when you’re about to start playing MIR4 and explore the open world. A notice will flash on the screen stating ‘Authentication Token Failed‘. Now, when a player faces this error, the player won’t be able to log in to the gaming account. And the screen won’t proceed further.

The error is caused by a disturbance while connecting to your IP Address. Or maybe your IP is blocked for some unknown reason. Now, in this case, one of the simplest solutions you can try is VPN. Download one of the several VPN apps on your device and you can tackle this issue with ease.

Connect the VPN before you open the game and get rid of Authentication Token Failed error in MIR4. Now that you know how to fix the issue in the game, go ahead and embark on the thrilling adventures this game has to offer. If you’re playing this game on mobile phones, you might want to know which are the Best Mobile VPNs for Android and iOS.

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