MIR4: How To Get Mystical Piece

Players can craft Moonlight Stone Mystical Piece Box in the game and get this rare item.

MIR4 is an open world K-Fantasy MMORPG where players can train and ready their characters for battles. There are a number of items in the game that can make this task easier. The mystical piece is one such equipment that can give players a stat boost in MIR4. It can be a bit tricky to get the mystical piece in the game. This is why we have put together this guide to help players with it.

How To Get Mystical Piece In MIR4?


Let us start by saying that the Mystical Piece Box is quite tricky to craft. It costs 10,000 Copper and 10,000 Dark Steel to craft. In addition, players will need 10 Moonlight Stones as the material for crafting. Despite all this, there is only a 40% chance that players will be able to craft successfully. Since Moonlight Stones are quite rare and the turnout depends entirely on luck, there is not a lot that players can do to ensure that they get a mystical piece after crafting.

To get the Moonlight Stones, players will need to complete the mission in Snake Valley. For this players will need to be at least at level 60. Moreover, Snake Valley needs to be unlocked in the game for players to try out this mision.

Once they have completed this mission, they will get Moonlight Stone as a reward. To craft the Moonlight Stone Mystical Piece Box players will need to find an NPC in the Bicheon Area in the Arcadia Spirits Village. Shaoshao is one such NPC that can help players out. Only a small number of players get an Uncommon Mystical Piece Box.

If players are fortunate enough to get one, they can go to their inventory to use the box. The box will contain a random mystical piece. There are 24 possible pieces available in the game. However, there is no way to ascertain which piece a player will get.

That is all there is to know about getting a mystical piece in MIR4. For more MIR4 guides, check out How To Sell Energy For Gold In MIR4?