Metal Slug Commander Gift And Activation Codes List Wiki (Jan 2022)

Metal Slug Commander Activation Code And Gift Code can get you free cards and in-game items. Here's the Activation Code and Gift Code

Metal Slug Commander is the latest game in the Metal Slug franchise. Unlike the previous game in Metal Slug Commander, you are the commander of the entire regime instead of only Marco and Fio. Metal Slug Commander (MSC) just released worldwide and fans of the franchise have already jumped into the game, but there’s a way to get a head start in the game.

Metal Slug Commander Gift Code List – Jan 2022

Here’s the latest Metal Slug Commander code you can use to get coins and rubes in the game

  • METALSLUG2021: Use this code to get 100K coins and 300 rubies in the game

Given the game has just been released globally we would recommend players wait some time for more gift or ativation codes. Players should follow SNK corporation or the official handle of Metal Slug Commander on Twitter and Discord to get the gift code or activation code as soon as it is released.

Many players refer to gift codes as activation codes because of the timing of the release of the codes. Activation codes are released along with the game to lure new players and give them a headstart in the game. Gift codes are released anytime after the release of the game to keep players hooked and maintain the hype of the game.

Activation Code For Metal Slug Commander

As of now, no activation code has been released for Metal Slug Commander. Given that MSC is a card strategy game many players were expecting activation codes along with the global release of the game. We will be updating this article as soon as the developers release any gift codes or activation codes for the game so bookmark this page and keep an eye on it. These codes can get you a rare card or some initial boost in the game which can give you a good headstart in the game.

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