Melon Playground: How To Shoot

Read this guide to learn how to use inventory and mod guns to shoot in Melon Playground.

This creative sandbox game has a variety of items players can build and use. Such as weapons like Guns and cannons. Building this equipment is easy, but using them not so much, so read this guide on how to shoot in Melon Playground and become a pro. Here we have covered brief and step-by-step processes of using and holding guns, so read them all.

How to Shoot With Explosive and Mod Gun in Melon Playground

Firing In Melon Playground

To shoot a bullet, press the right-side power-like button in Melon Background. And make sure your Living is holding the gun properly. Confused as to how you can do that. Keep reading to know how characters hold a gun properly and use it like an expert.

  • Launch your game and open the items menu.
  • Go to the Living section and choose a character like Corn, Melon, and Apple. Place them on the playground.
  • Then open the Explosives section and drag any gun like Pistol, Rifle, or Machine Gun.
  • Change the angle of the gun, such that Living faces its handle.
  • Drag your character’s hand near the weapon and press the left power-like button to hold it.
  • Now make sure your Living is standing straight and not shaking much. If you are using a weapon like a Machine gun, make sure your Living is holding from both hands.
  • To do that, you can simply freeze the scene and place the gun properly in its hands.
  • Once you have adjusted the gun in its hand, use the right power-like button to shoot any object or Living.

Firing From Mod Gun

Many mod guns do not offer fire capability and are rolled for their look. But that does not mean you cannot make them work. Just follow the steps and build your fancy working weapon.

  • Take the mod gun and place it anywhere on the ground.
  • Now, take a working gun from the Explosives section of the game.
  • Turn the inventory gun upside down and resize it to the mod gun’s barrel size.
  • Use connecting rods from the bottom right menu and join the working gun to mod the gun’s barrel.
  • Then use the gun following the above steps.

This wraps our guide on how to shoot in Melon Playground. Here we covered both explosive and mod guns. So if you found this helpful, check out our other guides, like how to play and save in this game.