Best Captain Marvel Builds In Marvel Future Revolution

Future Revolution is the open-world RPG featuring heroes from the world of Marvel. Every open-world RPG has many ways to upgrade your characters, and Marvel Future revolution is no different. Even though the game features only eight heroes, players can choose from various skills, specialization, and customizations which keeps a lot for players to unlock and collect. Captain Marvel is one such hero, here are some of the best captain marvel builds you replicate in Marvel Future Revolution.

All The Skills and Specializations Of Captain Marvel In Marvel Future Revolution


Basic Attack

This attack will enable Captain Marvel to dish out damage to all enemies in the nearby area, be it on the ground or in the air

Binary Eruption


The binary eruption is similar to the basic attack but with more additions. Apart from inflicting damage on all enemies in a given area, this skill also makes Captain Marvel immune for 20 seconds and increases her damage by 26%.

Photon Energy Explosion

As the name suggests, this skill will make Captain Marvel absorb energy and dish it out as a big photon blast. This photo blast is enough to knock out enemies so that you can use this as a finisher. Apart from the after the blast, Captain Marvel absorbs the energy, which increases her defense.


Photon Buster

Instead of one big blast like the Photon Energy Explosion, the Photon buster skill enable Captain Marvel to dish out eight small blasts. This helps players target more than one enemy or target all the damage at a specific enemy.

Photon Blast Beam


This skill enables Captain Marvel to dish out Photon beams either in parts or all at once. This skill gives you an option to either target one enemy or multiple.

Kree Power Combo

This skill is a classic back-to-back attack where Captain Marvel will inflict multiple punches and kicks at enemies. The consecutive attacks make the skill a finisher move as well. Players should know that to use the skill properly, they need to master the timing as this is a combat-based attack.

Energy Impact Downward Strike

This skill will have Captain Marvel do the classic superhero landing that will wreck the ground and hit the enemies. Apart from the power surge hitting the enemies, Captain Marvel does some combat as well.

Photon Flight Further

A classic Captain Marvel attack from the comics where she flies really fast and hits all the enemies in a given range on the ground and the air. Apart from this, the skill is very visually appealing as well.

Mighty Flight Sonic Boom

This skill is a mix of the Photon blast and Photon flight. Captain Marvel gathers energy from the surroundings and flies fast to dish out the blast.

Photon Charge Energy Explosion

This skill will have Captain Marvel dish out an energy blast at all enemies in the given radius. Using this skill, Captain Marvel can dish out the damage in multiple ways.

Marvel Future Revolution Best Captain Marvel Builds

Captain Marvel is a damage dominant hero in Future revolution, so players should focus on maximizing her DPS, which is her strength. Use this combination of skills and specializations to get the most out of Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution.

Captain Marvel Damage (DPS) Build

  • Energy Beam
  • Photon Energy Overflow
  • Photon Charge Blast Cone
  • Photon Blast Focus
  • Photon Buster Focal Energy Shot

Captain Marvel Overall Build

  • Photon Absorption
  • Energy Beam
  • Mighty Flight Enforcing Charge
  • Photon Blast Focus
  • Photon Flight Hero’s Entrance

These were our best builds for Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution. The builds are based on our experience of the game, with so many skills and specializations in the game, players should try various combinations to get the best.

That’s all for this one, do check out our best Captain America Builds to make the most of Captain in Marvel Future Revolution.


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