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Best Captain America Builds In Marvel Future Revolution

Here are all the skills and specializations of Captain America in Marvel Future Revolution and all the best Captain America builds.

Captain America is one of the most popular Marvel heroes, and that reflects in Marvel Future Revolution. Even though he is a bit overpowered, there are ways players can get the best of Captain America in the game. Here are all the skills, specializations, and best builds for Captain America in Marvel Future Revolution.

All The Skills And Specializations Of Captain America In Marvel Future Revolution

Basic Attack

This attack will enable Captain America to dish out damage to all enemies in the nearby area, be it on the ground or in the air

Hero’s Duty Rage

This skill will have Captain America striking enemies with consecutive attacks. This combat-heavy skill is very useful while rescuing civilians.

Impact Reflection

Captain America makes the most of his shield in this attack. After using the skill, Captain will grab the attention of all the enemies in the vicinity and defend all of their attacks using his shield. This reduces the damage to almost zero, and Captain America will then absorb all the energy and deal out 2x damage. This skill also acts as a distraction in case you want to save a teammate.

Captain’s Leadership

This is a defense-focused skill where Cap will increase his and all the other teammates’ defense for a limited time. Apart from increasing the defense, all the Captain America and all the teammates also regain some HP, and all get almost immune to all the Damage for a few seconds.

Reporting For Duty Shield Richochet

This skill will have Captain America throw his shield at enemies to deal damage. Apart from dishing damage, the shield will also reduce the enemy’s defense, making it easier for other teammates to hit them.

Superhead Lead The Charge

Captain America will move very fast and hit all the enemies in the range with his shield. This is a pure high damage skill, and best used when enemies surround you.

Sentinel Of Liberty High Speed Spin

This skill will have Captain America spin very fast, the spinning will create vibrations that will damage all the enemies in the nearby range. Another skill best used when surrounded by enemies.

Promise Of Victory Shield Slam

Another shield attack where Captain will jump and use his shield to hit enemies. The skill deals high damage and can be used as a knockout or finisher attack as well.

Unbreakable Will Shield Of Courage

Captain America will use his shield to create vibrations that will dish out damage to all the enemies in the nearby range. Apart from that, it will also freeze the enemies giving other teammates time to knock them out.

Combat Proficiency One-Two Punch

This skill is a classic combat skill where Captain America will dish out a few high damage punches. A classic attack that can come in handy in any situation and is the best for beginners.

Marvel Future Revolution Best Captain America Build

Captain America has the perfect balance of damage and defense in future revolution. To maintain this perfect balance, players need to choose the skills and specializations very carefully. Here is our best Captain America build

Best Captain America Overall Build

This combination of skills and specializations will help you get the most out of Captain America in Marvel future revolution.

  • Unbreakable Will
  • Sentinel of Liberty
  • Spearhead
  • Combat Proficiency
  • Captain’s Leadership

This was our best Captain America build for Marvel Future Revolution. The build is based on our experience of the game, which is some of you might agree or disagree with it. With so many skills and specializations available, we recommend players try out all of them and find the best combination for themselves.

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