Maplestory Pathfinder Skill Build Guide (August 2021)

Here's the detailed guide on Pathfinder skill build in Maplestory.

To begin, this class handles two skill types, which may leave you confused. As a result, I am glad you are here for the Pathfinder skill build guide in Maplestory, as I have discussed everything in-depth further down the article. You’ll be thrilled to learn that Pathfinders have excellent mobbing abilities and can deal great damage to bosses. It is considerably better than its peer in the Explorer class, and for more details, scroll down.

Maplestory Pathfinder – Complete Guide

This class is featured in the game with a distinct playstyle that allows you to launch multiple strikes at once for devastating mobbing abilities. Interestingly, this class dismisses the disposable arrows in favour of Cardinal Force for maximal damage output. As earlier said, switching between abilities may cause confusion, but in practice, they are effortless.

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You must wait till it hits the fourth job and observe the spectrum of skills unlocked. Following that, you will be able to explore a variety of portals. Simply integrate Cardinal Deluge and Cardinal Burst to enhance the Relic gauge and release additional damage. There are also a variety of cool-down abilities for micromanagement.

Key Attributes

  • Class – Explorer
  • Job – Archer
  • Primary Weapon – Ancient Bow
  • Primary Attribute – Dexterity (DEX)
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory – Explorer Jobs
  • Hit Points/Mana Points – Medium/Medium
  • Legion Block – +DEX (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill – Adventurer’s Curiosity (+10% Critical Rate, +35% (Possibility of adding monsters to your Monster Collection)
  • Inner Ability – 20% Boss Damage

Maplestory: Pathfinder – First Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Cardinal Deluge This skill fires targeted bullets that do non-reflectible damage. It’s an archery method for focusing on a nearby target. Main Attack Skill
Double Jump It allows you to move quickly by doing a double leap, as the name implies. Double-tap the up arrow key to jump in mid-air, and the down arrow key to fast land. Flash Jump Skill
Forceful Shot This skill just boosts your Critical Rate. Passive Buff
Archery Mastery This skill contributes to expanding range, elevating movement speed, and maximum movement speed. Passive Buff

Maplestory: Pathfinder – Second Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Cardinal Burst This is yet another archery method that releases powerful arrows full of concentrated energy. It blows up when it hits maximum range or encounters an enemy. Main Attack Skill
Cardinal Deluge Amplification This skill simply enhances the Cardinal Deluge skill. Passive Buff
Swarm Shot This skill shoots an arrow with a strange radiance every time it penetrates the enemy. Extra magical arrows branch out to harm enemies in the vicinity. Cooldown Attack
Physical Training Through intense physical training, this skill eternally enhances STR and DEX. Passive Buff
Bountiful Deluge The ability is beneficial for summoning magical arrows by unleashing the stored power within the object. These arrows hunt down adversaries and destroy them in a certain amount of time, and they are immune to attack reflection skills. Passive Buff
Ancient Bow Mastery This skill simply increases the Attack Power along with the Ancient Bow Mastery. Passive Buff
Ancient Bow Booster This skill simply drains MP to temporarily raise the ancient bow’s attack speed by two levels. Attack Speed Buff

Maplestory: Pathfinder – Third Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Cardinal Burst Amplification This skill is used to increase the Cardinal Burst Skill. Main Attack Skill
Triple Impact You may use this skill to jump into the air and unleash three deadly arrows down the ground. It explodes when it reaches its maximum range or encounters an enemy. Cooldown Attack
Shadow Raven For a limited time, the skill summons a dark elemental Raven who destroys four enemies in one go. The attack is not reflected by the attack reflection skills, and eternally boosts your defence. Summon
Guidance Of The Ancients The relic releases powerful energy the moment its meter is full and ends up enhancing the fighting capacity of Pathfinder. Passive Buff
Evasion Boost This skill is extremely beneficial for escaping enemy attacks, and if you succeed, it results into critical hits wihin a second. Passive Buff
Cursebound Endurance Your increasing tolerance to the curse provides you the power to withstand unusual status conditions for a limited duration. Any status condition you suffer while this effect is running will boost your status resistance even more. Buff
Cardinal Torrent This is an archery technique that allows you to move quickly and discharge Swiftstrike Energy saved in your weapon as a small burst of speed. This energy drives you to the right location and whips your weapon to hit surrounding enemies. Attack Skill
Bountiful Burst The skill pulls the relic’s accumulated power to launch magical arrows that hunt and strike enemies within reach. Attack reflection skills have no effect on these magical arrows. Passive Buff
Archers Essence Increase your combat ability by further perfecting your archery fundamentals. Passive Buff

Maplestory: Pathfinder – Fourth Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Advanced Cardinal Force This skill, which uses the power of a recovered relic, improves every Cardinal Force skills. Passive Buff
Sharp Eyes This skill is used to provide the group with enemy weakness detecting power in order to inflict critical damage. Buff
Maple Warrior For a limited time, the skill summons a dark elemental Raven who destroys four enemies in one go. The attack is not reflected by the attack reflection skills, and eternally boosts your defence. Buff
Illusion Step The Illusion Step improves your avoidability and DEX while decreasing damage sustained. Passive Buff
Hero’s Will The ability c oncentrate on strengthening your determination to disregard some unusual status effects. For 3 seconds after usage, you are resistant to abnormal status. Buff
Glyph Of Impalement The skill summons dark energy filled with Ancient Curse energies to massively attack nearby enemies, which may also be used in with other skills. Cooldown Attack Skill
Combo Assault This skill uses your bow to target close enemies and your magical arrow to target distant enemies. While Deluge Enhancement boosts the maximum range of the magical arrow, Burst Enhancement inflicts a massive blow to a single target. Torrent Enhancement also causes enemies to get more stacks of the Ancient Curse debuff. Cooldown Attack Skill
Bountiful Torrent When combining the Cardinal Deluge and Cardinal Burst skills, this skill is important in showing the power held within the relic to poison your arrows with the curse’s fury. It also increases Attack Power eternally. Passive Buff
Ancient Bow Expertise This skill enhances the Attack Power, Critical Damage and Ancient Bow Mastery. Passive Buff
Ancient Archery It teaches you the long-forgotten strategies of ancient archers in order to improve your fighting skills. Passive Buff

Maplestory: Pathfinder – Hyper Class Job Skill Build Guide

The moment you hit level 140 hyper skills are unlocked while its points are earned when you are closer to level 200. However, points are sufficient to max every skill. These are basically used to enhance the current skill damages and that’s it!

  • Cardinal Force – Reinforce
  • Cardinal Force – Bountiful Enhance
  • Cardinal Force – Extra Strike
  • Ancient Force – Boss Rush
  • Ancient Force – Enchant Enhance
  • Ancient Astra
  • Awakened Relic
  • Epic Adventure

Maplestory: Pathfinder – Fifth Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Nova Blast Nova Blast absorbs your full Relic Gague and launches a destroying energy bolt that ends up penetrates everyone. Burst Attack Skill + iframe
Raven Tempest With the relic’s strength, this skill awakens the actual Shadow Raven avatar to unleash devastation. Enhanced Summon Skill
Obsidian Barrier This skill radiates the relic’s power as a defensive barrier, under which you take no hit from regular enemy attacks and get reduced damage from strikes that deliver a specified damage percentage.  Teammates who benefit from this skill’s protection deal more Critical Damage while hitting an enemy that has the Ancient Curse debuff. Protection Skill
Relic Unbound When Pathfinder’s strike hits, Relic Unbound creates an attacking relic by totally releasing its power, which reflects in accordance with the emblem. This skill cannot be used in the presence of a Relic emblem, and the Deluge enhancement enables Relic to discharge arrows swiftly in the front. Whereas Burst Enhancement generates Relics that project explosive arrows when struck, Torrent Enhancement generates many Relics that strike the enemy in a specific radius at the same time. Cooldown / Summon Attack Skill

As a fifth job class Pathfinder must claim the following items.

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • Vicious Shot
  • Guided Arrow

That’s all I’ve got for the Pathfinder skill build in this Maplestory guide. You can find more detailed guides on Maplestory here.