MapleStory Hoyoung Skill Build Guide (August 2021)

Here's the ultimate Maplestory Hoyoung skill build guide.

Are you looking for a skill build guide for Hoyoung in Maplestory? You’ve come to the correct place. This Anima thief class uses Tailsman energy to do massive damage to bosses and enemies. This class’s playstyle is interesting in that they use their humanity skills to activate Tailsman skills. Let’s have a look at the abilities of this modern class in the game.

Maplestory Hoyoung – Complete Guide

Playing with this class is simple throughout the early part of the game. Their already strong mobbing skill improves from 1st to 5th job, and significantly more when they reach level 200 and higher. This smoothens your game by giving you access to a large map for training. Additionally, due to the class’s buff length, the class can maintain 100% skill availability.

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With the support of I-frame skills, the Hoyoung class can quickly escape 1-hit KO assaults and requires fewer resources to master. However, you must always maintain their DPS high because they rely on creating energy for Scroll and Talisman skills.

Key Attributes

  • Primary Weapon – Ritual Fan
  • Job – Thief
  • Class – Hoyoung
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory – Hoyoung
  • Legion Block – +LUK (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill – Bravado (+10% Enemy DEF Ignored, Damage +14% against enemies with 100% HP))
  • Primary Stat – LUK
  • Inner Ability – +20% Boss Damage
  • Hit Points/Mana Points: Medium/Medium

Maplestory: Hoyoung – First Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Humanity This skill spins a massive fan toward the enemy, dealing massive damage. Main Attack
Talisman This skill summons an enemy-eating guard (boss monsters, immobile monsters, and enemies 11+ level cannot be taken). To release the captured enemy, hit the skill key again without waiting longer. Talisman
Shrouding Mist When you are engulfed in fog, this skill defends you from enemy attacks. Passive Buff
Light Steps This skill uses positive thinking to make you lightweight and speedy. Passive Buff
Graceful Flight This skill as the name suggests lets you jump gracefully empowering you to survive just on a single grass blade. With the increase in level jump distance and height also increases. Double Jump

Maplestory: Hoyoung – Second Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Earth: Ground-Shattering Wave This skill hits the ground, creating a shockwave to appear on the field. Once the skill has been activated, link it into the True ground shattering wave by pressing the forward arrow key and the skill key at the same time. You must do this in order to prevent being linked to the Clone ground shattering wave. Also, this skill can be used only on the ground. Main Attack
Third Eye The skill allows you to see through the enemy’s weaknesses by opening up your mind’s eye. Passive Buff
Talisman: Clone This skill summons a clone to deceive surrounding enemies with subtle attacks. The skill is unharmed by attack rebound, and attacks from installation skills or summoned minions can not create a clone. Talisman
Ritual Fan Mastery This skill enhances Ritual Fan Mastery and Attack Power. Passive Buff
Ritual Fan Acceleration To increase the attack speed of your Ritual Fan for a short time this skill makes use of MP. Attack Speed Buff
Out Of Sight This skill hides you in blackness after a clone attack to defend you from enemy attacks. However, if you employ an attack skill, you will be visible. Passive Buff
Heavenly Body Promotes your dominance over Nimbus Cloud by aligning your bodies to the heavens. Passive Buff
Fortune Fitness This skill aids in the development of your “Luck” muscle. Passive Buff

Maplestory Hoyoung – Third Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Heaven: Iron Fan Gale This skill launches a massive fan that pushes a storm downwards. While jumping forward, hold down the forward and skill keys at the same time to activate True Iron Fan Gale; otherwise, it will be linked to Clone Iron Fan Gale. Also, the attack speed of the skill is restricted to the specified value only. Main Attack
Talisman: Seeking Ghost Flame To hunt and attack enemies this skill generates a living flame and Seeking Ghost Flame is immune to attack reflection. Talisman
Scroll: Degeneration When you use this skill, a strange light flashes from your scroll, morphing enemies into frogs, bugs, and other creatures. When the light strikes an enemy, it is mirrored onto other surrounding enemies and morphs them too except the Boss monsters. Scroll
Earth: Stone Tremor This skill, which can only be performed when on the ground, spirals large rocks by thumping the ground violently. To link into True Stone Tremor and relocate in that direction, press the left or right arrow key again, along with the skill key. Otherwise, it will link to Clone Stone Tremor and deploy a clone to attack. Secondary Attack
Diamond Body It makes your body indestructible, much like a diamond. Passive Buff
Balanced Breath This skill, which is performed by breathing, creates a balance amongst Heaven, Earth, and Humanity and refills HP and MP once your attribute combo reaches stage 3. Passive Buff
Attainment It nurtures a deep understanding to improve your damaging skill. Passive Buff
Asura This skill makes you learn the fighting techniques used by Asura Passive Buff

Maplestory: Hoyoung – Fourth Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Heaven: Consuming Flames This skill fans the destructive flame and can only be utilized when flying. Press the up arrow key with the skill key to link into True Consuming Flames; otherwise, it will link into Clone Consuming Flames. The cooldown reset has no effect on the skill, and its speed is limited to the specified value. Cooldown Attack Skill
Humanity: Gold-Banded Cudgel This skill summons the ancient sage weapon and deals with a volley of quick hits to your enemies. Cooldown Attack Skill
Thousand-Ton Stone This skill evolves into a thousand-tonne rock and drops from the skies on enemies. This is another aerial skill that may be activated by hitting the skill key or the down arrow twice. True Heaven: Iron Fan Gale, Heaven: Iron Fan Gale, True Consuming Flames, or Consuming Flames can be used to link this talent. The skill inflicts damage to enemies within range at the moment of casting. Airborne Skill
Talisman: Warp Gate This skill activates a portal gateway. While the gate is activated, press the skill key once more to pinpoint your area and relocate to it. To relocate back to your marked place, use the skill again when near the gate. While the gate is active, pressing up and the skill key drains Talisman Energy, introducing a second gate while the previous warp gate and highlighted location disappear. Talisman Skill
Scroll: Star Vortex This skill produces a strong cyclone that drains the energy of the enemy and may be used again to make the vortex vanish. The attack reflection has no effect on this skill. It also restores HP and MP to party members dependent on how many enemies are struck. Scroll Skill
Scroll: Butterfly Dream This skill unleashes a swarm of bright, lethal flowers. While this skill is active, your attacks summon butterflies to sting your enemies, and attack reflection has no effect on it. Scroll Skill
Enlightenment This skill perfects the inner workings of your techniques. Passive Buff
Dragons Eye When painting a dragon, the eyes are the final touch that brings it to life. So have you put the final touch on your training. Passive Buff
Anima Warrior The skill temporarily boosts the stats of all group members. Stacks with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President’s Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne’s Protection. Buff
Anima Hero’s Will Hones your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 sec after use. Buff
Advanced Ritual Fan Mastery This skill increases Ritual Fan Mastery, Attack Power, and Final Damage. Passive Buff

Maplestory: Hoyoung – Hyper Skill Build Guide

When you reach level 140, hyper skills become accessible, and their points increase as you get closer to 200, but not sufficient to max all of them, so select wisely. These skills mostly aid in increasing the damage of your current skills.

  • Empowered Harmony
  • Guardbreaking Clones
  • Boss Rush Harmony
  • Hasty Ghost Flame
  • Butterfly Rush
  • Sage: Dream Of Shangri-La
  • Sage: Tai Yu Clone
  • Sage: Tai Yu’s Miracle Tonic

Maplestory: Hoyoung – Fifth Job kill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Sage: Wrath Of Gods After a few hits, this skill summons the gods of an undefined place and time and temporarily boosts your damage. Repeat the skill to summon the god’s full might in a tremendous attack. Summon
Sage: Clone Rampage This skill squeezes the strengths of Talisman: Clone’s to the fullest, dropping clones on enemies. It can only be utilized when Talisman: Clone is enabled. Talisman: Clone’s duration will not diminish while this skill is in effect. Burst
Scroll: Tiger Of Songyu This talent attracts Mt. Songyu’s protector, a massive tiger ghost. When you reach attribute combo stage 3, the tiger lets off a powerful roar that rattles heaven, earth, and your enemies. Summon
Sage: Three Paths Apparition This skill generates a unique clone capable of performing attribute combinations. When Hoyoung’s skills attack directly, a clone except Clone/True skills emerges and performs an attribute attack for a combo that hasn’t yet been performed. When you hit the stage 3 attribute combo while the effect is active, the cooldown of one attribute skill from Heaven, Earth, or Humanity is reset. When picking an attribute, it prioritizes it with skill on cooldown. Attack reflection has no effect on skill. Summon

Fifth job classes should try to get the following things.

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • Venom Burst
  • Might of the Nova
  • Last Resort
  • Grandis Goddess’s Blessing
  • True Arachnid Reflection

That’s all I’ve got for the Hoyoung skill build in this Maplestory guide. You can find more detailed guides on Maplestory here.