Maplestory Cannoneer Skill Build Guide For 2022

Cannoneer is an explorer pilot introduced in the Maplestory Legends 20122update.

Maplestory Legend update in 2011 unveiled the Explorer Pirate Cannoneer class that doesn’t follow traditional pirate job advancements. Cannoneers are a unique adventurer that practices a set linear job advancement route. They’re modest bosses that boast strong mobbing skills. Below is a short description of the Maplestory Cannoneer.

Overview On Cannoneer

They possess all the arsenals to blow the opponents up and monitor maps with grace. They’re a group of lethal explosions with their cannon, despite being lazy. If you prefer major strikes, this class is for you. If you enjoy controlling your enemies with an effective destructive raid with your partner monkey, consider Cannoneer!

Maplestory Cannoneer Details
Weapon Hand Cannon
Job Pirate
Class Explorer
Shared Cash Shop Inventory Explorer Jobs
Legion Block  +STR (10/20/40/80/100)
Link Skill Pirate Blessing (max level: Str+70, Dex+70, Int+70, Luk+70, MaxHP +1225, MaxMP +1225, Damage Taken: -15%)
Primary Stat STR

Cannoneer also possesses fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Refer the below table for the same.

Advantages  Disadvantages
Attacks cope with many lines and hit each attack. Low Attack Skills.
High mobility skills with Cannon Jump, Monkey Push, and Blast Back. Mostly horizontal attacking with only few vertical skills.
You get a Monkey companion that follows you around.
Few summons will battle alongside you.
Increased inventory storage from Master Of Organization

Cannoneer Creation And Skill Build

To make a Cannoneer, go to the Character Creation screen and choose Cannoneer. They have a different creation option, and despite being part of the same class community, they have a wholly unique tale instead of a standard version.

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Pirate First Job Skill Build

Skill Description Type
Cannon Blaster Fires flame bombs that attack multiple enemies at once. Main Attack Skill
Monkey Push This skill is applied in the middle of the jump to jump even further. Jumping distance increases with the increase in-game level Double Jump
Cannon Strike Shoots a Cannon Strike at enemies in your close proximity. Secondary Attack Skill
Cannon Boost Optimizes the cannon to permanently boosts ATT and DEF. Passive Buff
Blast Back Shoots the cannon as you quickly move backward. Also reduces the target speed for a fixed time. Secondary Attack Skill

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Cannoneer Second Job Skill Build

Skill Description Type
Scatter Shot Strikes several enemies in one go by firing a range of mini bombs. Main Attack Skill
Pirate Training Boosts STR and DEX via secret Pirate training. Passive Buff
Monkey Magic Uses Monkey buddy to elevates the HP, MP, all stats, Speed, and Jump of all close-by party members for a short period. Can be stacked with other buffs. Buff
Critical Fire Permanently rises Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Passive Buff
Cannon Mastery Accelerates Cannon Mastery. Passive Buff
Cannon Booster Uses MP to raise the cannon’s attack speed by 2 levels for a brief time. Attack Speed Buff
Barrel Bomb Rolls out an Oak Barrel full of bombs for short distance, taking down enemies in its path, before blasting. Can be prevented by certain monsters. Secondary Attack Skill

Cannon Trooper Third Job Skill Build

Skill Description Type
Cannon Spike Summons a cannon that fires huge quantities of shells at several opponents. Main Attack Skill
Roll Of The Dice Boosts STR and DEX via secret Pirate training. Buff
Reinforced Cannon Permanently raises Attack Power and Attack Speed by strengthening the cannon. Passive Buff
Pirate Rush Permanently improve HP, DEF, and Abnormal Status Resistance. Passive Buff
Monkey Wave Permits you to cast Monkey Wave with the high impact instantly. Secondary Attack Skill / Buff
Counter Crush Uses MP to risen the cannon’s attack speed by 2 levels for a short period. Buff
Cannon Jump Shots the cannon at the ground, and uses the recoil to jump higher in the air to harm enemies in close proximities. Use it mid-air by pressing Up key + jump key. This function key can be used up to two times. Jump
Barrel Roulette Blows up an Oak Barrel to receive a random buff. When the buff is active, striking an opponent has a fixed chance of imposing them with abnormal status. Buff
Monkey Fury Shoots up a unique elastic cannonball that covers all enemies in front of you with gunpowder to deal damage over a period. Greatly improves Cannoneer’s attack effects. Secondary Attack Skill

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Cannon Master Forth Job Skill Build

Skill Description Type
Cannon Bazooka Shots a potent cannon full of compressed gunpowder to burn enemies in front of you to the ground. Main Attack Skill
Cannon Barrage Shoots up several cannonballs at one go, targeting one enemy ahead. Grants bonus to Critical Rate and Enemy DEF Ignored. Single Target Attack Skill
Pirates Spirit Permanently raises the chance of a successful counterattack, and lets you resist from taken down for a short period. Passive Buff
Nautilus Strike Summons the Nautilus to strike several enemies at once. Nautilus is unaffected by attack reflection. Reduces the Cooldown of Barrel Roulette and Roll of the Dice at a fixed rate. FMA Attack
Monkey Militia Commands the Artillery Monkey Twins to help you in the fight. This skill is unaffected by enemy attack reflection skills. Summon
Mega Monkey Magic Update your monkey’s magic to temporarily rise the HP, MP, all stats, Speed, and Jump of all close-range party members. Can be stacked with other buffs. Buff
Maple Warrior Temporarily raises the stats of all party members. Do not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President’s Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne’s Protection. Buff
Heros Will Strengthens your determination to dismiss any abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 seconds after use. Buff
Double Down Roll two dice, and check if both roll up the same number. If so then you’ll be rewarded with a very powerful buff: Buff
Cannon Overload Forces your cannon to the threshold. Boosts Cannon Mastery and Attack Speed, and ignores a portion of enemy DEF. Passive Buff
Anchors Aweigh Positions an anchor that induces a potent magnetic field. The magnetic field draws the enemies towards it. As the anchor fades, it bursts into flames, causing substantial damage to all surrounding enemies. This ability is unaffected by enemy damage to reflection skills Summon

Cannoneer Hyper Skill Build

Hyper skills are unlocked at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points when you level up to 200, but still not enough to boost all your skills, so pick carefully. Almost all of these skills tend to boost the damage of the existing skills.

  1. Cannon Bazooka – Reinforce
  2. Cannon Bazooka – Spread
  3. Cannon Bazooka – Extra Strike
  4. Cannon Barrage – Reinforce
  5. Cannon Barrage – Extra Strike
  6. Rolling Rainbow
  7. Epic Adventure
  8. Buckshot

Cannoneer Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon hitting level 200, the V Matrix will be made available to you, which functions as your latest fifth job skills. Every class will have its own skills to utilize, together with upgrading the nodes to maximize the damage to current skills. To activate new skills unlock objects called Nodestones, which every mob in the Arcane River offers.

Skill Description Type
Cannon Of Mass Destruction Shots a massive missile from your cannon. Unaffected by attack reflection. Attack Skill
The Nuclear Option Fires a nuclear rocket through a rocky path to devastate opponents across a broad radius. Press Up or Down arrows to adjust the angle of fire when holding the skill key. Release the fire key. The rocket doesn’t really kill opponents explicitly but causes significant damage by touching the floor and blowing. Resistant to knockback when targeting, and you’re going to be unstoppable when you practice the ability, and right after it’s done. Burst Attack
Monkey Business Unleash the Exclusive Monkey Platoon Champion to assist you to fight. The platoon is made of three participants and is unaffected by the reflection of the attack. Summon Attack

All 5th Job classes must attempt to also grab the following:

  • Erda Nova
  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Loaded Dice
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Rope Lift
  • Decent Speed Infusion

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That’s how Maplestory Cannoneer skill builds works. Good luck!