Maplestory Rose Clipping Guide: How To Unlock Pocket Slot Quest

This guide on Maplestory Rose Clipping will help you in unlocking the Pocket Slot quest.

The free-to-play multiplayer RPG has been around since 2003 and has been offering legendary adventures with strikingly original 2D appeal since then. With new games popping up every day, Maplestory seems to have lost a huge chunk of its audience.

Maplestory has made a great comeback, though, with its reboot version promising a whole new ride tempting enough to lure both ex and new players. There’s a lot to pick up for the people drawing towards the game. Hence, this article intends to cover how to score Maplestory Rose Clipping to unlock pocket slots and get a boost.

Maplestory: How To Unlock Pocket Slot Quest & Earn Rose Clipping?

To unlock the Pocket Slot Quest kindly go through the following instructions:

  • Get your charm to level 30
  • Navigate to the left side of your screen.
  • Click on the Star.
  • Locate “Excessively Charming” quest.
  • Finally, complete the quest.

Upon completing the Excessively Charming quest you will unlock Pocket Slot and earn Rose Clipping in Maplestory.

How To Get Your Charm To Level 30?

There are several ways to get your Charm level to 30 some of the legit ones like Trait Potion and equipping items are explained below.

Trait Potion

Amongst the many ways, Trait Potion has proven to be the ultimate way to up your Charm to level 30. You can get them via Daily Gift or Event.

Daily Gift – Upon logging on for 20 days within a month you will get the Trait Potion. It helps you raise the Trait level and when in use you will be pushed to Level 30. However, it will in effect only when you have at least Level 5 Charm.Maplestory Rose ClippingEvents – Maplestory frequently hosts events that come bearing exciting rewards. When some event is live you will find a rewards shop featuring Trait potion for sale. Collect the required currency to buy some Trait Potion. This will help you escape the daunting task of farming the Charm EXP.

Equip Items

Another convenient way to boost your Charm level will be to Charm equip items for the first time that gets you Charm EXP. Below is the list for the same, from easy to medium bosses that must be equipped daily.

Item  How to Obtain Charm EXP
Zakum Helmet Zakum 50
Horntail Necklace Easy + Normal Horntail 60
Chaos Horntail Necklace Chaos Horntail 80
Black Bean Mark Pink Bean Normal + Chaos 25
Monster Park Mustache Monster Park Shop 100
Vellum’s Helm Vellum 50
Pierre Hat Pierre 50
Queen’s Tiara Crimson Queen 50
Von Bon Helmet Von Bon 50
Cologne Pop up shops once doing Root Abyss or other bosses

Each one will provide you with Charm EXP only when equipped for the first time.

Excessively Charming Guide

In the earlier part of the article, we mentioned that to unlock the Pocket Slot you will need to complete the Excessively Charming guide. Here’s how to get done with this mission.

Once you have accepted the quest from the Star, you need to head to the Hair Salon in Henesys to meet Big Headward. To reach the Hair Salon, visit the Marketplace in Henesys and move towards the right.

You will spot Big Headward waiting to give you a quest to find Rose Clipping. The quest prompts you to harvest herbs. For this, you have to learn Herbalism from the Saffron hailing from Ardentmill.

After learning Herbalism, head to Herbal towards the right of Saffron and select a map. And hunt for Rose Clipping till the time herbs drop some.

Since drop rates are random you have to keep trying patiently. Besides, you will be restricted to no. of the harvest because of your fatigue which resets daily.

Finally after getting Rose Clippings offer it to Big Headward and unlock Pocket Slot as well as earn Rose Pocket Item.

What Is Pocket Item?

Best-in-slot Pocket Item in Maplestory Reboot is a Pink Bean Cup. These are not best for giving potentials but flame. Gather multiple Pink Bean Cups, fuse them and obtain better flames. You can fuse them in Ardenmill.

This is how you get Rose Clipping in Maplestory. If you find this useful then do check other guides on GamesAdda.