Pokemon X ROM – Full Download Guide

Download the Pokemon X Nintendo 3DS files and you are rea

Pokemon has been a part of our lives since childhood, first as an animated series and then as video games. It is a well-known franchise that is well-liked by players all over the world. Pokemon X, the first edition in the sixth generation of the original Pokémon video game series, features a distinct adventure. It has even received nominations for the VGX Award for Best Handheld Game and the VGX Award for Best RPG. Therefore, playing the game is a must, and here’s how to get Pokemon X via ROM.

Pokemon X ROM

Pokemon X, like other modern RPGs, features attractive 3D animations. In the imaginary world, you are on an adventure to explore the landscape, capture Pokemon, and battle the toughest gym trainers in the newly opened territories.



  • Name – Pokémon X
  • Publisher – Nintendo
  • Console – Nintendo 3DS
  • ROM Type – 3DS
  • Size – 1.7



Some of the incredible features of the 3DS ROM Pokemon X include the following.

  • Fresh new adventures.
  • Breathtaking 3D dimensions.
  • New-gen Pokemon.
  • Customizable Character.
  • Fun new battle formats.
  • Sky battles for flying Pokemon.
  • New Pokemon-Amie feature to increase the bond with your Pokemon.
  • New Pokemon training technique – Super Training.
  • New PSS (Player Search System) to interact with other players.

Epic Fight Overview


The game is set on a star-shaped island called Kalos. In order to earn the land’s championship title, you must compete hard. The journey there is a crazy ride with far too many bumps. Enemies, wild Pokemon and expereinced players appear out f nowhere and hence you must always be prepared for the fights.

Several aspects can be considered during the duel. Choose your finest Pokemon and attack skill, utilise support items, and even escape. Yes, you can escape by using the runway feature whilst keeping the Pokemon’s health intact.

Evolving Pokemon

Pokemon in this ROM hack, as in other games, evolve through levelling up and improving. Finally, after they have completely evolved, their strength and specific abilities become apparent. In addition, Pokemon Xerneas is given an everlasting life.


That concludes the Pokemon X Nintendo 3DS ROM hack download guide. Since you plan to play the game, Pokemon X Cheats would be really beneficial.