Malding: What Does It Mean And Where Did It Originate From

Malding is the latest rage in several Twitch chatboxes and all over Internet. Let's see what Mald or Malding means and how did it originate.

Many slangs have originated from the Twitch chatbox and Malding is the latest among them. Gamers and just people on the internet have a habit of shortening words or mixing two words. The Twitch chatbox is the best example of that. Many of you might have seen Malding on Twitch and just all over the internet. Read further to know what Malding means and where did it originate from.

What Does Malding Mean?

Malding is a portmanteau word that is a mix of the words “mad” and “balding”. Portmanteau words are words that are made up by mixing two words. One of the most famous portmanteau word is brunch. Malding means when someone is getting mad at something so much that they start balding. It is commonly used when a person is getting very angry, frustrated, or worked up.

Where Did Malding Originate From?

While many would recall famous twitch streamer Forensen’s chatbox as the origin of Mald or Malding but it goes was back. Malding has been in the urban dictionary since 2011. It’s obvious that people on the internet have been using Malding for a very long time. The term just blew up after Forensen’s stream. Since that 2019 stream where Forensen got so worked up that fans started spamming “so bad, so mad” which became “so bald, so mad” and then just become Mald.

People started spamming all his streams with Mald and soon any Twitch streamer who would get angry or frustrated while playing would have Mald or Malding spammed in his chatbox.

Since then there have been several compilation videos on youtube that just show players get frustrated and are titled around Malding. There is a very popular “the malding of twitch” video as well where all the Twitch streamers just show their bald spots.

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