Copium 2022 – What Does Copium Mean in Twitch Chat?

You might have Copium in many Twitch streams and Reddit comments. Let's see what Copium means and where did the word Copium originate.

People who are avid users of Twitch and Reddit would have seen the Copium spamming many comment sections. The internet is a strange place but the lingo you find here is even stranger. Every day you will see a new word and Copium is certainly one of them. If you are also confused as to what Copium means don’t worry. Let’s see what is the meaning of Copium and how it originated.

Copium Meaning Explained – 2022

Copium is a combination of two words “Cope” and “opium”. This explains Copium means coping using a drug. While this is the base meaning of it on the internet it is used to refer to coping from a loss using a fictional drug. The word is used to mock sports and politics fans when the team or Party they support is losing or lost and now they will copium (cope using a fictional drug). You can find Copium on Urbandictionary as well. The meaning there is a bit twisted but it is on similar lines with what we mentioned above.

Copium meaning
The word is mostly used with the Pepe the frog meme. He is shown inhaling something from a cylinder that has “copium” written on it. Pepe the frog is also wearing a hat in the meme. The colour of the hat keeps changing depending on who is it supposed to troll. For eg, if a sports team has lost the cap will have the team’s logo depicting the players of the team using Copium.

Where Did Copium Originate?

While Copium had been a couple of times before it was the 2020 elections when it picked up. Initially, it looked like Trump was winning but when Biden took the lead a meme started doing rounds on the internet. Pepe the frog with a “makes America great again” cap inhaling Copium went viral. This is where Copium originated from and now it is used in several Twitch stream chats and Reddit comment sections.

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