How To Make Money In Arena Breakout

Here is a guide on how to make unlimited money in Arena Breakout.

In Arena Breakout, the money or currency is called Keon, and you can make more than enough money in the game. Even though, you can collect items through loots and achievements, most of the equipment requires you to purchase them in-game. Players need to save and make a lot of money to buy the best resources in hand. Arena Breakout is gaining much liking and is soon going to be very competitive. In such cases, let’s look at how to make money efficiently.

How to Earn Money in Arena Breakout

make money in arena breakout

  • The best way to make money in Arena Breakout is by collecting keys. They take up very less storage space and can be sold for a lot of money.
  • The second best way to make money is to sell items that are no longer of use to you.
  • Selling your weapons, armor, guns and more can help you make quite a lot of profit. It depends on the level of the equipment and the original purchase price too.
  • If you want to make a lot of money by selling items you can upgrade your equipment and then sell them for the maximum price available for it.
  • The other items that can help you make a lot of money in Arena Breakout are scopes and bullets.
  • Another tip to make money is to loot all the items from the enemy after defeating them. Even if the item may not be of much use to you, you can benefit from selling it.
  • Sell parts of your weapons, to gain much more profit than by just selling the whole weapon altogether.

You can always go to the Market place in Arena Breakout and tap on the Sell option and select the items you want to sell and make money from. The game features allow you to see the price you can gain from selling each item. Make sure to be wise and sell items that you surely, no longer need. As re-purchasing them may cost you more than the selling price.

These were all of the ways you can make money in Arena Breakout. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get more storage in Arena Breakout.