How To Get More Storage In Arena Breakout

Here is a guide to help you get more storage space in Arena Breakout with simple steps.

Arena Breakout requires you to have a good storage capacity, and if your storage size is limited you should try to get more space for your items and equipment. At every level, you will require upgraded ammunition and other equipment related to the battle. There is also an option for players to create more than one character in the game. This requires a large space to store each character’s achievements. This is how you can increase the capacity of it.

How to Increase Storage Space in Arena Breakout

increase storage space in arena breakout

  1. Decide a character whose storage space you want to increase in Arena Breakout.
  2. Then go to the Character tab to get the character profile and the inventory.
  3. On the top right corner of the screen, there will be an arrow pointing toward the left direction.
  4. Tap on the arrow to open an expansion box that will show you your storage capacity and stored items.
  5. You will get another arrow that will help you increase the storage space when you tap on it.

So, this is how you increase the storage size and capacity in Arena Breakout. You can also purchase items from the Evita containers and add them to your storage space. It automatically gets added to your inventory, but first, you have to locate these containers. This can also help expand your storage space.

From the Character tab, you can also equip the items and get more information on the stats of the selected item. With the help of the storage style, you can save a lot more than just items and other types of equipment. The saved game and profile of each character are included in it.

This was all on how to increase storage space in Arena Breakout. We hope this article helped you. If you found this article useful, you can also check out other gaming guides on our site.