How To Make Celebration Cake In Palia

Get Focus and Fortune by baking the Celebration Cake recipe in Palia.

Even after the changes of patch 0.169, throwing a Cake Party and baking a Celebration Cake in Palia is considered one of the fastest ways to make a huge amount of money within a short time. So far, you might have bought many recipes from the Reth and sold the dishes for Gold. However, many of them require a lot of effort and time. Distributing the work makes the process easier, especially for complex recipes.

There is a time limit, before which you must complete different products and add those ingredients to get the dish. But since it is not always possible to form a Party, with this you will be able to make the cake yourself. Here we have provided both the method to obtain the recipe and collect its ingredients, apart from the steps you should follow for baking it.

How to Unlock and Collect Ingredients for Celebration Cake in Palia

Collect Ingredients for Celebration Cake in Palia
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You unlock the Celebration Cake recipe at Cooking level 9. To purchase it, visit the Cooking Guild Store, run by Reth. It will cost you 3000 Gold coins to buy it from there. After you have bought it, return to the plot and place 1 Mixing Station, 1 Standard Oven, and 2 Prep Stations in the empty space. You can buy their recipes from the Reth and craft them using Crafter. Now, for the cake, you need these ingredients:

  • 1 Blueberry: At level 3 friendship Badruu gifts 5 blueberries. After reaching level 10 Gardening, you can purchase its seed for 45 Skill Coins from the Gardening Guild Store.
  • 4 Butter: You can purchase it from the General Store for 40 Golds.
  • 3 Eggs: Eggs can be bought from the General Store for 24 Golds.
  • 3 Flour: Buy it from the General Store for 10 Golds.
  • 4 Sweet Leaf: You can forage for it in the northern part of Bahari Bay.
  • 3 Any Fruit: Grow Apple using Apple Seeds and Blueberry with Blueberry Seeds. You can buy the seeds from the guild store after reaching Gardening level 10.
  • 1 Milk: Purchase it from the General Store for 30 Golds.
  • 3 Sugar: Get it from the General Store for 20 Golds.

How to Bake Celebration Cake

  1. Go to the first Prep Station and use the Make button for Celebration Cake. You have 5 minutes to add all the ingredients.
  2. Next, interact with the Mixing Station and make Ground Sweet Leaf four times.
  3. Now make one Frosting and three Cake Batters.
  4. Head to the Oven and bake three Cake Layers.
  5. Interact with the second Prep Station and prepare three Fruit Frosting.
  6. Use Prep Station again and make three Jellied Cake Layers.
  7. Add all the ingredients to the first Prep Station and collect the cake.

With this, you can bake the Celebration Cake in Palia and make Golds faster. For more topics from the game, check out our dedicated section.