Magnum Quest Factions Guide: List Of All Factions Available In The Game

Here's a list of all factions available in Magnum Quest.

Magnum Quest is the latest card-based RPG that everyone is talking about. Similar to other RPGs, the game has numerous heroes to choose from. If you want to create a dream team in Magnum Quest, make sure to select heroes wisely as they have been divided into six factions.

The name of all Magnum Quest factions are as follows:

  • Divine
  • Abyss
  • Fortress
  • Wild
  • Forest
  • Shadow

Since heroes/characters in Magnum Quest have been divided into six factions, make sure to know the pros and cons of every character that you recruit in your team. Once you have successfully created a team in the game, you will have to focus on winning every battle you fight.

Whenever you win a match, your character’s level will be increased a bit. This is not the only advantage of winning a battle in Magnum Quest. You will also get a lot of Gems, Experience and Coins when you emerge victorious in the game. Notably, you will need to have a particular amount of EXP to get to the next level.

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If you want to upgrade the battle skills of Magnum Quest characters, you will have to shell out Gems and Gold. Once you have reached Level 11 in Magnum Quest, you will have new skills unlocked. You will have two skills at any time during your adventure. There are some heroes in the game that can have three skills at the same time.

When you start Magnum Quest, you will only be allowed to play with two characters but later more characters are added to your party. As you progress through the game, you will have to learn about the best position for a particular character.

Each Magnum Quest character has its own backstory that you can read at the time of unlocking. For the unversed, there is a total of five characters allowed in a battle. Having best heroes in your team does not guarantee to win any battle in the game. If you want to win battles in the game, make sure your heroes are enhanced and equipped better gear.

As you level up your characters, they will have a lot of skills and abilities unlocked that will improve their characteristics. If you fail to ascend your heroes when they reach the max level of that Tier, you would not be able to go further. If you don’t know how ascension works in Magnum Quest, click on the link.

That’s all you need to know about all factions available in Magnum Quest.