Magnum Quest Ascension Guide (Level Up Heroes)

Magnum quest has bronze, silver and gold heroes. Let's see how to level up or Ascend you heroes in Magnum Quest and reach legend level.

Just like any other Hero collector in Magnum quest also Players will be summoning heroes at every step of the game. With every pull, you can get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold hero but you can also get repetitive heroes as well.  Unlike other games in Magnum Quest, repeated heroes can be made useful as well. Here’s the complete ascension guide that will help you level up your heroes in Magnum Quest.

How To Ascend Or Level Up Heroes In Magnum Quest

In Magnum Quest, you can use your bronze and silver heroes and level up them to Gold. Apart from that heroes can also be upgraded to Silver 1 star, Gold 1 star, Gold 2 star, and so on. Follow the below-mentioned chart to know how to upgrade your Gold heroes to Gold Legend 5.

magnum quest ascension

As per the above-mentioned chart for fodder heroes, you can use the same hero from the silver level also.

Here is the complete table mentioning the Gold Hero Ascension cost at every stage

Ascend Stage Declared In Copies In the Feed Total in Copies Total in the Feed
Gold 1 Star

(150 MAX lvl)

1x Gold (copy) 1   2  
Gold 2 Star

(175 MAX lvl)

2xGold 1-star (faction)   36 2 36
Gold 3 Star

(200 MAX lvl)

1x Gold 1 star


2   4 36
Gold 4 Star

(225 MAX lvl)

1x Gold 3 star (faction)   72 4 108
Gold 5 Star

(250 MAX lvl)

1x Gold 3 star (faction)   72 4 180
Legend 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 4   8 180
Legend 1 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 2   10 180
Legend 2 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 2   12 180
Legend 3 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 2   14 180
Legend 4 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 2   16 180
Legend 5 1x Gold 1 star (copy) 2   18 180


This was the complete table explaining how many heroes you will need to upgrade to the Gold Legend 5 level. In case this seems confusing just launch the game and click on the “Heroes” button on the bottom left. Now select the “Ascend” option on the top right and now you will see all the heroes you can ascend or combined to upgrade. You can also select the “Auto Ascend” option if you are okay with all the mentioned options. Just remember that you can use the same heroes to merge and level up.

This was the complete Ascension Guide to level up your heroes in Magnum Quest.

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