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Magica.io: Best Combinations To Use

Want to know about the best combination in Magica.io? Here's all you need to know.

Magica.io is a casual roguelike game where you have to defeat opponents and become the last player standing. In order to fight other players, you can forge different weapons by combining the given elements. If you want to learn about the elements and the best combinations to use in Magica.io, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we have explained the concept of elements and their combinations for your reference.

List of Best Combinations to Use in Magica.io

Use Best Combinations Magica.io


There are three elements in the game that you can opt for. Using these three elements you have to make the best combinations to use in Magica.io. The three elements in the game are as follows.

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water

In order to acquire the elements, you have to level up by collecting Exp. You get to pick one of the elements thrice throughout different stages. Thus, the player ends up carving a different output based on one’s choice. Below, we have mentioned the outcomes of the combination for your reference.


  • Earth = Lump of Dirt
  • Earth + Earth = Boulder
  • Earth + Earth + Earth = Stone Ram

The first time you pick Earth, you will throw a dirt ball that reduces the enemy’s movement for a short while. If you combine two Earth elements, you will make a Boulder that deals more damage and stuns the enemy. If you went on to choose Earth the third time, you will transform yourself into a life-size boulder and charge at the enemies for a total knockout.


  • Fire = Fire Ball
  • Fire + Fire = Explosive Salvo
  • Fire + Fire + Fire = Supernova

The first phase of Fire is a Fireball that deals impact damage and its heat burns the enemy for a short while. Coming to Explosive Salvo, as the name suggests, explodes on impact and deals AoE damage. The Supernova burns those enemies that come in contact with it and explodes on impact. It deals greater AoE damage than Explosive Salvo and can knock the enemy out.


  • Water = Blob of Water
  • Water + Water = Spray
  • Water + Water + Water = Tsumani

At phase 1, you summon a Blob of Water that deals damage to the enemies, and the caster stands a chance to restore HP. While using Spray, you shoot water droplets at the enemies. These droplets cover a horizontal area, unlike other weapons (circular). The last phase of this element is Tsumani. Just like in real life, this huge wave crashes on the enemy and eliminates the opponent instantly.

Mixed Combinations

Best Combinations in Magica.io

Apart from the above possibilities, you can merge different elements to use the best combinations in the game. We have mentioned them below.

  • Earth + Fire = Meteor
  • Earth + Fire + Earth = Eruption
  • Earth + Fire + Fire = Cluster Bomb
  • Earth + Water = Ice Lance
  • Earth + Water + Earth = Ice Crystal
  • Earth + Water + Water = Avalanche
  • Fire + Water = Lighning Ball
  • Fire + Water + Fire = Storm Front
  • Fire + Water + Water = Thunderbolt
  • Earth + Fire + Water = Elemental Storm

Also, these combinations can be upgraded in terms of stars. When you unlock a combination, you earn one star. Then you have to complete the task attached with that combination to get a star and a few gems as rewards. This is all you need to know about the concept of elements in the game. Now that you about them, explore the game further and forge the best combinations in Magica.io as per your gameplay.

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