Best Roguelike Games On Mobile (January 2023)

Do not miss these awesome roguelike mobile games

Roguelike video games are characterized by elements like environment generation, permadeath, turn-based movement, and hack-and-slash gameplay. While there are a large number of mobile roguelike games available, there are some that truly stand out. Today, we have compiled a list of the best roguelike games on mobile that players must try out.

Roguelike Games On Mobile That Shouldn’t Be Missed


Concepts like permadeath and random level design increase the challenge in roguelike games. In addition, they also increase the replay value of the game. We have put together a list of roguelike mobile games that outshine the crowd and absolutely must be tried once.

Crypt Of The Necrodancer: Amplified


  • Developer: Brace Yourself Games
  • Publisher: Brace Yourself Games

This roguelike mobile game comes with a twist. While players get to experience typical  roguelike game elements such as dungeon exploration, it also adds a rhythm mechanics. Players will have to match the beat with an original soundtrack written by Danny Baranowsky to succeed in the game. Overall, this is one of the best roguelike mobile games.

Crying Suns


  • Developer: Alt Shift
  • Publisher: Humble Games

This is a great game for players that love a good narrative gameplay. Players are put in the shoes of a space fleet commander as they uncover mysteries about their own story as well as that of the fallen empire. It is quite reminiscent of Dune in its treatment and will throw players in a dark and unsettling atmosphere.

Juicy Realm


  • Developer: SpaceCan
  • Publisher: XD

Unlike Crying Suns, this game is more suited for players that like straightforward gameplay without getting into a long narrative. For this game, players face off  against bizarre fruit fruits that are part animals. Players must protect the world against these evolved creatures before they take their place at the top of the food chain. This game is truly a stand out amongst roguelike mobile games.

Dead Cells


  • Developer: Motion Twin
  • Publisher: Motion Twin

This is a game that goes a step further than roguelike and introduces players to Roguevania. In this exciting game format, players can progress through an interconnected world with the threat of permadeath adding an increased level of challenge. This game is truly all about skill as players will get no checkpoints or any other way to save their progress. Players will just have to keep fighting their way through till they die and then do it all over again.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition


  • Developer: Klei Entertainment
  • Publisher: Klei Entertainment

This roguelike wilderness survival will require players to use their logic and imagination. Players will have to survive a strange and undiscovered world where they will encounter strange creatures and face a lot of danger. Resource gathering and crafting will carry players a long way in this game. This unique combination of elements makes Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition one of the best mobile roguelike games.



  • Developer: Moppin
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital

This is a straightforward game where players go down a well in search of treasure. Armed with all the elements of a good roguelike game, Downwell is a great choice for players who want a game without additional frills and flair.

These are some of the best roguelike mobile games for players to try out. For more game suggestions, check out the Best RPGs On IPhone And IPad (IOS)