How To Get Magic In Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Check out how to get Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

Looking for ways to get Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2? Here’s everything you need to know about it. Many players want to obtain Magic, that’s because it allows you to craft various things in the game. Magic is specially used to craft potions, which makes the game more exciting and fun. The only way to get it is by waking up the Kraken, let’s see how you can do that.

How to Awake & Raise the Kraken in VV Origins 2? (Puzzle 4)

How To Get Magic Virtual Villagers Origins 2
Picture Credits: ZL Tutorial

In order to get Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2, you’ll first need to awake and raise the Kraken. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and raise the monster now.

  • First, Craft Oil by dragging a villager to the Crafting hut.
  • After that, you’ll need to Craft Fire which will be used to light the oil. So drag another villager and get him/her to work.
  • After all that is done try to find the Kraken’s eyes in the stones.
    • One eye is located among the green reeds, to be exact go to the left side of the tree at the bottom right side of the island.
    • The second eye is located where the Lava connects to the Lab. Don’t forget to cool it down by collecting some water.
  • And then you’ll again need the help of the villagers to repair the Kraken statue.
  • As soon as you repair the statue and attach the eyes, there’ll be a small Earthquake. This Earthquake will not raise the Kraken but it’ll make the two huge rocks located in the middle of the village fall.
  • After the huge rocks are fallen, drag the villagers and remove the rocks from there.
  • And voila the Kraken is awakened and raised.

As now the Kraken is raised let’s see how it’ll help you get the Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

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How to Find Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

After you’ve awakened the Kraken here’s what you’ll need to do to find the Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

  • After the great catastrophe a huge crack will appear on the island.
  • As soon as you see it, go on craft a Rope, and drag a villager to the crack.
  • And then, the villager will go in the crack and search it for you.
  • In there you’ll find various items like Lava Crystals, Tech points, and if you’re lucky enough then even Magic.

Note: The Chances of getting Magic in the crack are pretty random, it might take a while.

This is all you need to do in order to raise a Kraken and get Magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2. While you’re here take a look at how to Fish in the game.