Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Cheats & Tips

All of the effective Virtual Villagers Origins 2 cheats are listed below to help you train your villagers, make babies, and do other activities.

Building a settlement, expanding tribes, and surviving in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a wonderful process. Several puzzles must be solved in order to restore the wrecked island to its former beauty.  While you work to solve them, the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 cheats listed below will give you a head start in the game. Eventually, you’ll get the best experience in this strategic simulation game.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Cheats – May 2021

The game has so many things to do, explore, and try that it’s no surprise its content is so diversified. Aside from constructing a town, extending your community, and living, you have to craft items, train locals, farm, and even breed. As a result, it is rational for anyone to look for cheats and hacks.

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Unfortunately, there are currently no accessible cheats for Virtual Villagers Origins 2. But here’s the thing: I do know some tips and tricks for you that will help you get a good grip on the game. If you want to master multiple elements of the game, stick with me to the end.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Tips & Tricks

You don’t have to be disappointed because of the unavailability of cheats. The following tips and tricks will allow you to amp up your gameplay.

1. Understand Your Tribvirtual-villagers-origins-2-cheats

Visit the Details screen to learn about your tribe’s age, skills, and health. You can also choose from farming, building, healing, researching, building, and gathering as a skill. The villagers will be trained accordingly, and with practice, they will obtain the set skills.

2. Escape Starvation

When you’ve mastered farming, the first and most important thing you should do is unlock fishing. You don’t want your villagers to starve to death, do you? Then this will be the only way for the villages to have something to eat every day, and there will be no suffering.

3. Explore Island

This is the most crucial activity in the game. The island is continually changing due to weather and other causes. As a result, make an effort to explore every inch of it. This way, you’ll be able to unlock and obtain many of the items needed to solve the puzzles.

4. Improve Research

It is essential to do research to regularly upgrade the technologies and advancements in the game. As your research skills develop, you earn tech points, which can be invested in new technologies such as  research, farming, medical, construction, and crafting.

5. Make Babies

Bearing children is a requirement since tribe growth is one of the most significant aspects. Here making a baby is similar to real-life conception, but with a twist. Your villager can have children with anybody, even family members, the only restriction is that villager must be at least 18 years old. And villagers above the age of 40 will have problems having children. Man can have children with any female villager who does not already have one, but women can have children with every single man.

6. Heal Villagers

On the island of Isola, one must escape the deadly poison-giving frogs. One of the concerns is the illness caused by them. The only method to cure the villagers is to strengthen their Healing Skills by healing ill patients. The child villagers can however kill and get rid of them.

7. Prevent Aging

Do research, get tech points, and spend on medical. This way prevent your villagers from dying due to aging and keep retaining your tribe.

8. Increase Fertility

Again, here medical research proves helpful. Medical research will increase the fertility rates and you can expand your tribe even more.

9. Increase Population Count

Craft more residences and this way you will be able to improve your population count.

10. Log-in Everydayvirtual-villagers-origins-2-cheats.jpg

Do you know what the most fun aspect of the game is? Because this is a real-time game, villagers continue to play even after the game is turned off. As a result, try to log in on a daily basis. The later you log in, the more harm is done that cannot be undone quickly.


Even though there are not any cheats for Virtual Villagers Origins 2 you can do so many things by training your villagers and polishing skills. You can even forage mushrooms, collect garden fruits, but villagers and much more. Just keep exploring and within no time you will dominate the game.

That’s all about the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 cheats and tips. Bookmark this page since I will update the article with cheats once available.