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Ludo King: How To Use Diamonds?

Diamonds can be used to gain a big advantage in Ludo King.

Ludo King is a popular game that offers new and exciting ways to enjoy the beloved board game. While the game is free to play, there are in-game currencies that players can use to gain different advantages. Players can purchase Diamonds from the in-game shop in exchange for real money. Though this can be quite costly for players, there is no denying that Diamonds can be a turning point in Ludo King.

How To Use Diamonds In Ludo King?


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Diamonds can be used to gain a big advantage in Ludo King. If players do not like their dice roll, they can use diamonds to change their dice roll. This ability to change the dice roll can be game-changing for players as they have the ability to redo their turn. If players have enough Diamonds, they can win the game just by redoing their low dice rolls.

Players will need 4 diamonds to undo the first dice roll. However, this amount increases to six diamonds for every subsequent use. This will greatly increase a player’s chances of winning. Moreover, Diamonds can be used in any game mode. You can even opt for this option while competing with other Ludo King players in a competitive match.

Apart from purchasing Diamonds from the in-game shop, players can also earn Diamonds by connecting to their Facebook account. However,  this is a one-time opportunity. In addition, players can also share their wins and stats on Facebook to get Diamonds. Lastly, inviting friends to play Ludo King can also earn players some Diamonds. Players can then use these Diamonds to ace their matches easily.

That is everything players need to know about using Diamonds in Ludo King. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Ludo king Guides, check out How To Play Ludo King Online With Friends?