Ludo King: How To Play Online With Friends

Players only need to follow a few steps to create a room and start playing.

Ludo King is one of the most popular casual mobile board games in India. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. While it is a good game to play solo as well, the real fun of Ludo King is to play with friends and family. It’s quite simple to play Ludo King online with friends. However, all players must have Ludo King installed on their devices and must have a good network connection to play.

Let us take a look at the setup players need to do before inviting their friends to play online.

How To Play Ludo King Online With Friends?


  • Players must open Ludo King and either log in through their registered account or play as a guest. It doesn’t really affect the procedure much.
  • Now, players must go to the main menu of the game and select the Play with Friends option.
  • Here, players can choose the color they want to play as.
  • Below this, there will be two options, Create and Join. If players want to create a custom room for themselves and their friends, they should opt for the Create option.
  • If another friend has already created a room, then all players need to do is click the Join option and input the private room code. This code will be available with whoever created the room. Once players input the code, they can join the room and start playing Ludo King with friends.
  • However, if a players is creating the room, they will have to take a few more steps. After clicking on the Create option, players will have  to set an entry amount for the room. The minimum entry amount is 100 coins.


  • After players have entered this and created the room, they will get a private code.
  • Players can share this private code with their friends to allow them to join the room.
  • Once all the members have joined the game, all a player needs to do is select Play and enjoy Ludo King with Friends.

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